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April 20, 1947

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March 30, 1947

Sunday afternoon
30 March 1947
Dear Mom,

“And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another comforter, that He may be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, for it beholdeth him not, neither knoweth Him, ye know Him, for He abideth with you, and shall be in you.” John 14:16-17

How precious that reality of Christ’s willingness to die for my sins. That daily help book that the Lutheran’s put out – the one I usually get up at the base Chapel, the devotion book I should say – has been carrying through the book of John these past few months. I don’t recall if I sent you one or not. The one before was on the book of Acts. The writers of those books are certainly endowed with the spirit, just as is Dr. Meyers of the Lutheran Hour.

I was talking to Chaplain Menges this morning and he was telling me that a lot Navy Chaplains were being shipped out as a sort of surplus or something and at any rate Chaplain Andrews was being sent over to the Pacific again. Chaplain Stevenson was about to resign (I didn’t know you could resign from the Navy) because they are talking about sending him out too! If they all go Chaplain Albert is going to have to do all the preaching down at the Chapel which will sure keep him busy! The services at the hospital where Chaplain Menges is are quite small – from 10 to fifteen attend but It sure shows a lot of ear tickling up! Menges is not a tickler – he’s a good preacher and out for souls all the day long. All the top officers go down to Albert’s service. Maybe quick judgment – I’ll say estimate, sounds softer – but where there is quantity isn’t always quality, especially where God’s true religion is concerned.

I do feel that I got too much on my judgment – I hope though that it doesn’t go as far as condemning – but I do believe God wants us to form opinions to help Him especially when He reveals better ways of growing in Christian Grace. I guess maybe I should keep these ponderings in my noggin, but I get so many thoughts up there that sometimes I think it gets over loaded. I don’t know how I got way off on this tangent anyhow.

School has been wonderfully blessed to me – I slipped up again as it was pretty difficult. I’m still praying that this is a prep to NACP, because it is sure a grueler. After the first I’ll have 15 more days to know for sure! This old stuff about one step ahead of the Lord isn’t good at all and that’s one of my worst habits. We are getting a course that on the outside world would big tests which I will be boning for over the next few weeks and the Lord willing I’ll conquer flesh again and make 100% on them – I have to in order to graduate with of fair 90% average.

My attitude in class is going to be angelic. How I thank the Lord for that great Comforter and the Lord Jesus. I really have drawn close because of Human frailties. I had to and as usual it sure had paid, not in grades alone, but most important of gaining a deeper friendship with a Loving Savior. I ran into one of Moody’s quotes that other day that made me stop to think – A man too busy to pray and read God’s word is busier than God wants him to be. Ouch!

I found out through the grape vine last week that chances are I won’t be going back to Math! I’m not sure about TAF but I have a good idea that one of these days two very large boxes of gear are to be shipped homeward. I have accumulated two lockers full – 6 feet by 3 feet – back in the household again. Don’t shudder mom!!

I am guessing it is about time that I moved other places! I have been here some time, people must be getting tired of looking at me! It is rumored that billets might come through for some of the classes now for GCA school in Olaytha, Kansas. GCA is a highly radar technical Airplane controller device to take planes out of impossible conditions when planes otherwise would crack up or be grounded for flights. Otherwise I’ll be praying for a nearby place to home – airfield in Denver or California where I can be with my Auntie! The Lord will reveal it. I know it will b a blessing wherever – even Goo-Goo Moo Goo over in the Posy Sea! Maybe I would be the only one on the island and have to control one plane a year.

I had a wonderful letter from Al Watenpaugh and Praise the Lord but if some other ‘nut’ has I fear my friends have it doped out, has taken the Lord Jesus Christ as the only way through this life and the next. I remember how hesitantly I wrote afraid I’d just gain another pitier and imagine the rejoicing when I found he too! I also heard from George Gligorea. Floored me the first time. He is in a good place called Tillamook, Oregon with exceptionally good duty.

The afternoon has wings, so I’d best drip (it’s raining – trip) on.

May His love suffice and lead you in His oceans of peace,

Love in him,

March 30, 1947 - Dear Dad

Sunday afternoon
30 March 1947

Dear Dad,
Today the earth itself is a great open Bible to me – an eminent proof of God’s love for man to give him such a glorious place to live in. Of course it is raining outside and I’m sitting within watching the rain come tumbling down and I can talk. But, oh! How much grumbling I do when things don’t go my way and the Lord has such a hard time teaching me all the important lessons.

I surely got a big surprise today – has to do with my old weakness – chow! But when I was over to the chapel at the Hospital today, I decided everything would click better if I had dinner over there cause NATTC’s chow halls don’t open until later – Right in the middle of Radio Church Hour. I’d never eaten over there before and didn’t know the score. I walked in a well decorated chow hall, air conditioning and all! There were real slick tables, linoleum decks, and instead of mess cook swabies there were negro servers. Honestly I thought I had gotten into Officer’s Mess! Instead of heaping it all in the middle of the tray we had white plates and muffins (unheard of in NATTC.) All the food you could eat and not be a hog and side serving tables. I just marveled – stupefied and all, which is a condition not hard for me to get in! It is aggravating though even though I do thank the Lord for that which I get how even if a Hospital section is known to be about the most efficient operating Naval unit why in an ordinary Chow Hall instead of treating the men like one herd of beasts and tossing the chow at them it can’t be done as it was there. In other words a meal is enjoyed somewhat more if the surroundings are feasible.

Say, you sure would like the phase of school that I’m in now, knowing you. We are having Link Trainers and if you aren’t careful when you are under the hood with your eyes glued on about a dozen instruments and forget to look at one of them often enough – ZING! You are in a Spin! They are really some kind of airplane! And I really like flying them. The rest of school has eased into less work but I’m going to be plenty busy to battle my way through the finals especially the CAA (Civil Aeronautics Administration) tests for qualifications for my Tower Controller’s Certificate.

Speaking of chow, it’s about time or they will close on me - - tonight’s salad and cheese night – I think that cheese is a 100 years old but I sure do like it. Onions too!

Anyhow, write soon? If you find a chance I’d sure appreciate a little farm news.
May our mighty Lord keep you always safe and guide you each day.

Love in Christ,
Your son Stephen

March 16, 1947 - Dear Dad

Sunday Night
16 March, 1947
Dear Dad,

“Faithful is the saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief.” 1st Timothy 1:15

How well I remember that day, when after trying and being defeated in every good thing that I might try by the evil desires of my own heart, when the Lord Jesus smiled upon me and acknowledged Him!

Now, as I have started school, I’ve found that the Lord can give me every power that man can have. I’ve found a true peace and joy in this life. Life isn’t a spree , it is only a stopping place to determine where we will spend eternity.
But the most wonderful story of love that was ever shown was when Jesus left his mansions of Gold and Splendor on high to come down and live as a plain ordinary person, not only showing how to live but dying and suffering the most cruel murder there ever was, Crucified on the Cross. I’m glad there was a Jesus or I might still be wandering out there lost.

A lot of the fellows that I meet and talk with during the day either don’t believe in God at all, can’t see this idea of giving it all to Him, or think that they are hiding something from the eye that no man could hide from. This school is a proof that there is a God to me and that His guidance and the acknowledgment of Him is needed.

We have a lot of flying planes on airways where the pilot is flying in the fog and he cannot see any direction about Him. But in that air there is a beam which is sent out by radio. Someone has to be at the end of that beam to assure that it goes out correctly. Say that we have a pilot and he decides to take his own route when he can’t see stars or two feet ahead of him. He may think he sees a lot of glimmering things from which he can flit to and from and get bearing or a mark off of, but each time that glimmer fades quickly if not immediately away and the further he gets from the beam, the most definitely lost he is. Soon he runs out of fuel and crashes into unknown ground and is gone.

God is the beam of our lives. His direction is the best for our lives. In our life we see a lot of things out in the world that look pretty good. Many of us go out and leave the beam, find the thing is not cracked up to what it’s out to be, see that the beam is quite a ways behind us, and instead of returning let excuse and desire turn us from what we know is right. God is merciful and sends His beam out after us though and tries to help us in. That ever loving God will try until we vex Him and he miserably casts us into the Lake of Fire to torment for eternity.

What have we to lose? We have all to gain! Maybe you get tired of hearing me tell the same old thing over and over again, but I’m happy, Dad, because even though I was once a stray sheep, Jesus the good Shepherd stepped out and saved me, no matter what a mess I was. It is truly wonderful.

How has everything on the ranch been going along? I hear the snow has been quite deep. Has all the skunk perfume gone away yet? Boy, What a deal! There is a chance that I might get home in April, providing the Lord doesn’t want me shipped back to TAF to teach. Have you seen Jason much?

This school that I’m in is really a humdinger. They don’t have a tower at Sheridan but maybe you have seen a few here and there. At any rate, your little son, will soon be, Lord willing, telling planes how to come in and land and take off. The school is a still one as I’ve told Mom, but the Lord has given me wonderful senses and the studying I can do now is nothing like that old stuff I used to horse around with in high school. I really have a zeal and even though I’m a pretty dumb kid the Lord can do wonders if I only yield completely to Him.

Well, it is just about Tap Time, and I have a shower to jump in and then chalk up some ‘Sack Time’ so as I’ll be a fit student of the Lord tomorrow. Write?

May the Lord bless you and guide you each day.
Love in Him,
Your son, Stephen

Thursday, October 14, 2010

March 16, 1947

Sunday afternoon
March 16th, 1947

Dear Mom,
Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior. Titus 1:4
But sanctify in your hearts Christ as Lord: being ready always to give answer to every man that asketh you a reason concerning the hope that is in you, yet with meekness and fear.
I Peter 3:15

I don’t know why that verse is so preeminent this weekend – it is my 78th verse and I truly thank God for it. I’ve used it in several letters today and yesterday. For me it has removed a great deal out of my haughty spirit that I have anything over anyone else. I too was a sinner, now, praise God I’m a sinner saved by Grace! Thank God for that privilege of witnessing to others about that wonderful life that only Jesus can give.

So far on my tests, I have missed four on one, one on the another, and two perfect papers. I learned more from those errors that I did in the right ones. Every time I’d get self sufficient, the Lord would take me down a notch and down to my knees. But it is an honor to kneel before a gracious Lord and have Him forgive one! When I arise, I feel as if someone has promised me everything this world and plus, and what do you know, that’s how it is!

The true victory that I have in studying in contrast to that so-called studying I did in High School and even after I got into the Navy is amazing. I only regret that I’d not called upon the Lord before this! I never realized that Jesus could live within me, but he DOES! The Lord give me every need I could want. Prayer time, Bible study time! I think I’ve read more, I guess because I felt such a dire need of it than I ever did when I was in TAF taking my vacation! (That was what the Lord was giving me there….a vacation!)

I have a good quiet places to study every night. I’m not bragging so please don’t misunderstand me, I’m rejoicing! I don’t want to feel as if I’m bragging because I do way to much complaining to brad. Surely Christ is ever living.

I haven’t heard amy thing about the Bond deal. It is evident thought that the Navy is still re-establishing it’s resources and in the rearranging had to cease that point for a while. Just take the notice as it is, I guess.

You are right in a great many ways about my always wanting to change everyone’s religion into my own. I catch myself at it continually and it is definitely not a good idea. I try not to argue ever though because in that you either aggravate the individual or if he wins your case is lost. It seems that you follow the National Sunday School lesson form right along. I have the small hand book that contains all that and is it ever a honey!

I didn’t mean to throw any condemnation upon the Seventh Day Adventist group. They are duping many people and think they are really pulling a fast one by the Voice of Prophecy. I’m not to judge, and because there are so many good Christian’s in a cult like that is it is the Tare and the Wheat parable all over again. Like one YFC speaker said, “I can’t judge but the Bible tells me to observe by their Fruits.”
“Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing , that ye may abound in hope, in the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

In Him, Stephen

March 4, 1947

Tuesday evening 4 March 1947

Dear Mom,

“And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer believing, ye shall receive.” Matthew 21:22

If I were only a worthy person of prayer, having a greater faith that our heavenly father could do all things how much more happier would I be. But in spite of my innumerable frailities, God does bless and I surely thank Him for it in my unworthy ways. I should take to heart more of what Christ said in Matthew 19:26 – “And Jesus looking upon them said to them – with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible.”

Nevertheless, here I am sitting through my second day in CTO school with my mouth wide open, never realizing things could come out so quickly. It is quite an abrupt change to me who thought he was working so hard but never really knew what hard work was. I really had it soft! Personally, I like being a student! Believe it or not, it’s nearly easier than being an instructor.

Things have been coming awfully fast in these last two days. We’ve had history of this and history of that, clouds and radios..OH! I could go on for days! Our instructor sure does! It seems my brain is very dull to really soaking in things; it never was too hot but I did notice today was a lot easier than yesterday. I truly praise the Lord even though some of the things are quite beyond me and I feel that I have reached my saturation point when I sincerely recognize the fact how weak I really am, I find real comfort in the Savior’s eyes. Today after school was over I went over to my old teaching room, got out my old guitar and went over few wonderful Rodeheaver hymns. My but the Lord just spoke right to me and even though I was rather disappointed in my ability the Lord gave me a real promise and my spirit leaped from the shadowy bounds.

You might be wondering how the CTO deal came about so quickly. I wonder too but I will give you a fairly good account of it. Remember I put in my first request just after I applied for NACP and the fellow that I had talked about it with went first. After he finished I was supposed to start but that was about Christmas time and the division didn’t want to begin any new men until after the first of the year. At the first of the year we got our first scare of instructors being shipped out, and that slowed down the issue quite a bit. I let it ride because I had other things to do. About that time we got a few extra instructors on hand and so I asked casually if I might start school now that we were ahead a bit. A try went forth but dropped short because they weren’t sending anymore temporary duty men through. The man I spoke with said to put a special request that I be sent to school and they would put it into the main office pre-requesting that upon graduation I would be sent back to TAF to Math as the only reason I was going was to get a rate so I could stay in the department. I put the slip in Monday, the same day I began Seaman school, hardly even expecting any results from it for weeks, having known I though, the general routine of the Navy. When I brought up the idea of the Lord sending me to Seaman school, and then to CTO, thinking I still am as far as NACP is concerned but late Thursday evening I found out that I was going to check out of ships company and back into student’s division so that I could attend CTO school.

As I told dad this was about the most unusual birthday I have ever spent but it was the one that I surely was happy about. Friday it rained all day, and the other two boys that I checked in with weren’t like me one bit (gave me two more boys to pray for though) I never noticed a thing for pure bliss and joy in my own heart. I didn’t receive the idea that I had only a 50-50 chance of getting back into TAF, when I was talking to our school officer who had gotten me in so well. But I do know that I’m in the most capable hands of humanity – the Lord’s!!

Whether I come out high man I can’t say. From the looks of things and the course, I’d say lowest man. The Lord would have me set my goal there high and keep it to myself and I know that if I fully yield myself to Him we can do all things to glorify Christ. Along I am nothing but in Him I can do all things.

I surely had a wonderful birthday. I think every time I turned around the Lord blessed me. There wasn’t an empty spot anywhere. I got the cake (what a delicious morsel that was) Friday evening. It came through in one piece and tasted like you had just cooked it. We had it Saturday night at the home plus a bit of sampling the night before. All day long I was with these two boys – one is about 29 or 30 so I can’t say he was a kid, and the other was about the same age as I was.

I surely flowed over at getting your card and I got the card from the school tonight (yours). I surely do thank you all because it surely made my birthday wonderful.
I am contemplating staying on the base for the six weeks that I will be in school for a study and drawing nearer to the Lord as motive and aim. I’m praying about it as I don’t want to leave those at the home without any support after what they have done for me. Most likely I will for YFC Rally , get my washing done, go to church Sunday morning and come back out. I hate to leave all that wonderful fellowship but I have depended upon it too much and should get into some study on my own. I think I will abandon choir but leaving my heart open so that the Lord can speak to me and make me feel out of place if it is His will in any other place on Sunday morning.

I have oodles of notes to copy out. This typewriter is really efficient in that respect and is a lot easier on the eyes too! Oh Yes…The Lord answered more prayer. Ed Bundy was contacted out in California and was broken before the Lord. He has stopped ministry, starting a new, and wrote me just last week for forgiveness. Who says our Lord isn’t wonderful?!

Write when you can. I’ll try to make my next letter a little more CTO’ish.
May the Lord bless thee and keep thee in His abundant love.

In Him
Love, your son,

March 2, 1947

2 March 1947 Sunday Evening

Dear Dad,

“O Jehovah, thou has searched me and known me:
thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising:
Thou understandest my thought afar off.
Thou searchest out my path and lying down,
And art acquainted with all my ways.
For there is not a word in my tongue,
But lo, O Jehovah, thou knowest all together.
Thou hast beset me behind and before,
And laid they hand upon me.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me.
It is high, I cannot attain unto it. “ Psalm 139:1-6

Isn’t it marvelous Dad, that no matter what we say or do that God has a plan of that- knows our steps before we even place our feet down on the sod. He knows exactly what we are going to say and wants us so badly to let it glorify Him even when we may be undergoing severe trials and temptations.

Even my best friend on earth doesn’t know me like God does! God knows me from my greatest virtue to my weakest faults and tripping point and as a result He continually places me before the utmost that I might be happy in His love. Yes, as that new song we sing at Youth for Christ goes “I’d rather have Jesus” and Praise the Lord for He did come on this old world to save me and give me real happiness to have the whole time of my life.

I know the Lord has had his hand in every pie and every birthday that I have ever had but this last one where I felt His presence and longed for it so was even more so! Everything seemed to happen on my birthday! First I was ‘warned’ late Thursday night that I was going to CTO school, a consistent prayer that I had offered and that I knew God would answer. He did in a marvelous way. I’m a student now only I expect to go back to TAF after school and make my rate so my address I left as before so as not to confuse. There is about a fifty – fifty chance that I will not go back to TAF, in other words, get shipped out. But whatever it may come out, I’ll be assured that it’s the Lord’s will! Wherever I go it’s where He wants work to be done.
I spent all day Friday moving and late into the evening Friday night getting all squared away. I have more gear to pack than ever now and in case I would ever have to leave here you would get about a car load of gear from me quick like! Friday I got my birthday cake too! I could only sample it as I still have to go easy on the sweets but by that I could enjoy more what the others were as I watch them sink their teeth into that marvelous hunk of cake. You should get mom to cook more of those! You’re missing something! Well, Friday was the most unusual birthday I’ve had yet. Walking along like an old man with a bag tottin’ on his back but it was one I wouldn’t exchange. The remembrance I got from home made it the best blessing and I really want to thank you for your card and your thoughts. It seems strange being as old as 19, and such a child in the things that count. I can boldly say, Praise the Lord, for He is good to a two – bit buy like me.

I received the money mom sent just in time to get the typewriter deal swung around at the same time, in fact, this is the typewriter now! It’s not as nifty as a Royal would be but after I get used to the gismo I’m sure I’m going to like it.
Time is past now and I want to be sure to get the idea of going to school in my mind and that is with the Lord. This school is one of the hardest of aviation schools and I can’t do this immense job of studying by myself at all. So I’ll make your pain short by making this letter short. Pray for me Dad, that I might success and do His will.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in all that you do and say always,

Your son,

February 25, 1947

February 25, 1947 – Tuesday afternoon

Dear Mom,

“Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness and long suffering. Colossians 3:12
Grace and peace in Jesus!

I really was strode (sp?) upon as I read your letter and I thank God for your remembrance: I too, as you were influenced and evidently committed yourself some, think you should “unwind” more and not remain silent in things. I enjoyed the ‘bubble over’ and was definitely inspired.

As I’m finally caught up to a point where I can read some, I was perusing, before I wr0te Miss McKelry, through the Christian Life and Times – January – and came upon the poem last night –

I do not know, I cannot see,
What God’s kind hands prepares for me,
Nor can my glance pierce through the haze
Which covers all my future’s ways
But yet I know that o’er it all
Rules He who notes the sparrow’s fall.

There’s more to it but that struck home the most. Especially back to our conversed topic, “God’s will.”

Last night I was pressed for time, I’d been busy and gone to chow late to avoid the line. When I got there, there was a line and the line was out of one item of chow and waiting. My mind runs to James 1:2-4 – “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations, knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience, but let patience have her perfect work that ye may be perfect and entire wanting nothing.”

I was peeved but I got out my testament and found victory over it and God blessed me there with something I couldn’t have gotten any other way. It’s hard to see why that’s the Lords will! Christians don’t have accidents or luck of any kind, do they? Isaiah 58:11 – and the Lord will guide you continually and Psalm 139 says God knows our words before they are ever spoken. Yielded to Him we have an unfailing guidance, don’t we?

Now, let’s go back to when I ran out of gas? I’ll admit I wasn’t looking up or I’d have remembered but that night while procuring that gas did you meet anyone you might not have otherwise? Did you understand anyone better? I’ll take it from my side but once home we started talking and crossed tempers and discussed your back and pain. I understood you better and knew better how to pray for you and I hope you did the same for me. I came to realize how God places pain upon and chastises those He loves!
Like Revelation 3:19 says. It meant something to me when Dr. French told us the story of an old lady who lay in pain on a hospital bed year after year, occasionally leaving but having to return again. When questioned in sympathy she said “I prefer the pain and bed because I’m closer to God that way!” Something she couldn’t help but was God’s will because there she was a better child. It is strange how God does act but it’s a blessings in the end if we really look.

It’s hard for me to do any concluding about Edna’s situation. I fell plan should precede order even though we all get careless at times. I was talking to Joe about it and he brought up the idea that everyone can’t go out and minister – just like the ‘Christian Card’ you sent me. Some are chosen by God to do the humble – so called – dirty work – like Mary and Martha’s entertaining Jesus. I’m not to say but the reward in Heaven will attend to that. It does seem Aunt Grace does the work but she should some ways glory in Edna’s success for the Lord because she helped bring it about. For ye have need of patience that after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. (Heb. 10:36)

No matter how we stumble I sincerely believe God has placed it there to draw me nearer to Him and in spite of how we have looked up to Him, He will abundantly bless it. I do pray Mother that you will be guided to see God’s way and things that go on about you be taken calmly and with searching mind as to Scriptural foundation. I hope you’ll make intercession for me because I am so very weak and God-swerving. I don’t stand and proclaim my assumption as the ‘only’ but it is the way I feel God has enacted in my life.

I strive daily, very weakly though, to stand on Scriptures which give me instruction in all sufficiency – because whereas I read in those black – bound pages, God has inspired men to write those words to men regardless of the individual.
I can surely see how Satan can work against getting down to school work! I see it in my own strife. How much I’d rather study Bible when I must suffice and put up with school and teaching and helping this or that student and preparing charts to help. Last night I read L’Tournea’s advice in February’s CLYT. He himself is an all out Christian and yet he runs a technical sciences college. Everybody can’t be missionaries or ministers in full time service and even if hindered by a material world as we often feel, God is just preparing us for further work but depending upon our daily testimony among workers of the world. It was surely a lesson to me. Where I am is His will, and I’m through turning down opportunities to glorify Christ!
Point it out to her. As far as school goes, we must try and we must have faith that God is able in all things but we surely can’t try Him. My own life, typically young, follows Edna’s in the same way , a lot of ways, yet I cannot say yea nor noth, because I ponder on them too. Where God has willed and prayers has been dedicated, which might all act in a few seconds, is good, but I’ve rushed into too many things and seen distasteful results. What do you think?

It is surely strange – here I’ve been a Seaman first for nearly a year and bingo! What? I’m going to Seaman school! To earn my Seaman first, or lose it! An hour a day isn’t bad and I do enjoy it. I finally saw improvement toward my possibility of going to CTO – perhaps next Monday or two weeks from Monday I start, or maybe not at all. Seaman school is preparing me for school (CTO) and CTO, preparing me for college. See! Planning and not even sure but it does seem evident and I’m praying for His will. It’s wonderful to stand on promises!! His promise to guide. I just hope I’ll always glorify Him!

Have you seen any Royal portables yet? I haven’t seen any so I’ve lined up a Remington for $60. It appears that I am always asking for loans but could you send it without any special trouble please by Saturday, or at least till by Monday cause the fella’s holding it for me, and the sooner the better, for it is a good deal all around.

It’s in good shape and when and if I get a Royal, typewriters are so hard to get, I can sell it very easily and take the Royal. If you have spotted a Royal at home though and can send it reasonably do so and I’ll gradually repay you. I might as well use one while I’m waiting? Right? The Lord willing I can’t lose, and I’m praying for his will.

I’m plumb out of vitamin pills and don’t remember the name of the round ones. How’s about some more and the same kind you sent before and Calamine Lotion too! I would wait until I’m out. Some organizer.

I’ve got to get this in the mail specially because of the typewriter money – forgive me please – don’t forget Pop Rowes and Dick Wrights address.

May God shine His Son’s grace upon you and guide you,

In Him, Your son,

Hi Dad!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

18 February 1947

18 February 1947
Tuesday morning

Dear Mom,
“Now, God is able to make all grace abound toward you. That ye, always having all sufficiency in all things may abound in every good work.” 2 Cor. 9:8

Under the Navigators’ memorization outline that is the Resource of Grace to the Christian. It was my 66th verse on memory and I began to go over it last night. I don’t know why I was in such a dejected mood; I think it was mainly because I’d let old Satan get one jump ahead of me most of the day and I felt as if I had rejected the Lord’s calling too many times. I had a good opportunity to witness to some boys I had painting in my room and I get off on a tangent and left Jesus out. Nevertheless, I came over to the Chapel to write my daily letter and study, a kind of ‘sad sack!’ About half way over I remembered I had forgotten my new habit just acquired last week! Usually when I walk along I’m busy thinking and day dreaming. Most of the thoughts and dreams aren’t even tributes to the Lord if fact, they are more of a stumbling block than anything else! The Lord has spoken and shown me concerning it more than once and so I asked myself, if I was going to literally talk to myself as I walked along, I might as well walk along doing something to further His Kingdom! So, this past week and the future ones as I walk about the base wherever I go, I pull out my verses which are on handy little pocket sized cards in a convenient folder, and start babbling away on them! I may present a startling sight to some----Peculiar? Titus 2:14 I began 2 Cor: 9:8 in that overcast mood and it spoke right to my heart that there was no sense in this mood of dejection and that was what Satan wanted himself. God is able it said to make all grace abound in me and I may do all His works with a victorious effort! It sure pepped me up and I did finish a letter to the Baptist young folks at home and write a thank you card to Uncle Charley Strandberg.

I felt good enough in spirit, but the ‘flesh was weak’ to write you last night. I got kind of a late start and would have had to stay up later than was good for me because although I never ran out of energy for the day, when night came around my eyes because to play tricks on me. Saturday night I only got around six hours of sleep and last Sunday night only five so I was kind of dopey when I got around to your letter. I folded up and went back to the barracks read about a Chapter in Acts and went to sleep no sooner than I laid my head down! I didn’t used to be able to sleep with the radio going but lately when I lay down I just think on how wonderful the Lord is and His peace and blessings coos me to sleep in no time!

These past two weeks have really been blessings of the Lord! Last week when they gave us fifteen hours of Trig, they also gave us another instructor but it still gave us all two much to do to have one section in each room so we put two sections in one room and it only takes two instructors each period instead of the usual four! At any rate the schedule worked out so that I had all afternoon off last week and this week by a minor shift I got all morning off! It is really something because the Lord has allowed me to get all my owed letters caught up on and even a few of the promised! Last week it was all letters but this week it is divided between letters and Bible Study. I just praise the Lord because I was so very far behind! It has been wonderful to start the day off and know that you will have a good lot of time!

At first I couldn’t find a place to study, and then I remembered the offices over here in the Chapel. It s quite a ways from our building and NATTC part of the base but up here there is quietness and good places to study and along with typewriters I could hardly ask for anything better! I study up here at night too. It looks prospective that I might soon get down to History and few other things along that line!

It surely was a filling experience to talk to you and Dad the other night. I marveled that it was so clear! I hope I spoke as distinctly as you did but to me it couldn’t have been better if you were right next door! I do hope that my call didn’t interrupt anyone’s plans whatsoever because I did want you to enjoy your birth day to the full extent. I was so tickled in hearing your voices I never remembered to ask you if you had had other plans. To me it was like my own birthday instead of yours! I want to thank you for the Valentine, I really felt I was somebody with all that went on last week!

I was wondering if you could do a big job for me? First, I’ll tell you that one sad night I was returning to the base with all my gear and while traveling on the bus as there were no seats empty I sat down on the deck by the door. One step a fellow hopped out of the bus and in so doing kicked quite accidentally all the gear off my lap onto the ground whizzing it right out of the door! I went out while the driver waited and I thought I picked up everything but I guess I missed my address book. That hurt when I realized the next morning I had lost it--it seemed like the world had lost its bottom. It so happened that in that book was all the birthdays that I had ever known and I don’t have them or alot of addressed anymore. So, I wish to really make a complete list and I imagine that most likely you are up on most of them, of all the birthdays of every body in our family. Could you send them to me? Especially Dad’s and Aunt Esther’s? Also I wish you might send me Dick Wright’s address(His dad’s street address if okay)as I promised I would write him about a year ago, and Pop Rowe’s street address to please? I want to get completely squared away on this letter situation completely and so it will not be a stumbling block in any way to my testimony for our Lord. Don’t break a leg in your rush, but I would surely appreciate these things fairly soon.? Please don’t forget Harpers address in Montana?

I’m glad the Lord blessed you so temporaly and spiritually on your birthday. I’m glad you got a book like the ‘Apostle’ because even though some folks say it isn’t what it should be, those that are sincere that I have asked really said it was a treasure. Tell me about it some? I’m relieved to hear that the pen reached you okay. I was going on time elements so much that I sent it Air Mail on the assurance of the post man, whereas I might have lost it as I couldn’t insure it in that type of mail. I should have realized that those things are in the Lord’s hands any how!

Do you know when the next Youth for Christ rally is? Did you hear any more about the revival the Baptists were having? Maybe the fervor for which Jesus and our Lord’s teaching and reviving is the same at home as they are in alot of places in this country of ours. People are blind to the true light and real life. Did you hear the speaker at any time? I can never praise the Lord enough for the revival s that we have been enjoying the fruits of out at the Glendale Church. I thank God there still are in this world those who would proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to all. I went again last Sunday night after Epworth League at Hendricks with the same group with two more additions and it was really another outpouring of the Spirit. Sinners, backsliders, and unvictorious Christians came forth and really gave their whole self to the Lord with a real spirit. Last Sunday night the testimonies were even freer and I do believe as Dr. French said that that is one revival that will never close down! I’m almost tempted to go out to that church regularly! The kids out there and grown ups too are really sincere about their walking for the Lord in true faith! The Lord provided the opportunity for me to speak at League last Sunday night. It was surely filling to get up there and tell what I knew about our wonderfull Saviour but it surely revealed to me in another way how little I knew! The counciler has asked me to go with Him to the Father and Son banquet which the Methodists are giving soon! I still haven’t had a good chance to know the “old preacher;” he doesn’t hang around the young folks much at all. The Lord has given countless opportunity to talk to the kids there though, and I pray some of it will bring fruit in glorigying Him. Annabell, that’s Gene’s girl (Gene’s about the most one the ball guy there) was saying the other night that she souldn’t imagine me not being a Christian! I’d never thought of it that way and tell the truth to think back it made me shudder and thank the Lord that much more for Jesus!

I had a strange experience this last week and it has made me think alot. One night I saw Joe Manuel on the high run and he told me that I had a letter in his barracks(6). He also said that it was from Washington D.C. and that it was in printed handwriting. Well, that sounded like Jackie’s writing and her locality, and I set back to wait as Joe said his Mail clerk had readdressed it to 7 and sent it back through the base mail. That was last week about Tuesday and it should only take about a day or two days at the most for a letter to get around to coming from one barracks to another. Maybe it was a letter that I wasn’t supposed to get. It usually takes Jackie quite a while to write and she was unusually quick this time:---if that was her; it might have been the Man in the Moon. Satan surely uses her to flash up desire in my heart. The Lord has had no definite calling to me about her and then yet, every time he (Satan) catches me weak he’ll start me thinking, ‘If she was only saved—I’d have a girl.’ Personally the Lord has given me definite instructions about girls. I see so many Christians especially High School, and it certainly is natural, worry about what girl or boy they are going to have for their own friend and it really is a stumbling block to the Lord and in their work for Him. I’ve had some very precious fellowship and Satan uses opportunity wherever he can by saying, ‘If!’ I thank the Lord I can throw him out any old time because I’m wasting His time by even allowing my thoughts to res there for a moment. The Lord will lead in that respect if it is His will at all! I do so pray that I can help plant seed of Salvation in those old girl friends of mine and meet them all in heaven when the Lord is rallying us all. Their souls are precious to me because I have known their hearts and minds and weaknesses.

How would you like some ‘B’ Rations Mom, to memorize? I have some on hand and from my own experience I’m sure that you would never regret spending ashort bit of time on them each day. I feel that they have surely enriched my life in living for our King and it doen’t take any set apart time. When I literally would be wasting time musing on temporal things than I get my verses out. When I ride on the bus, waiting for the bus, walking, or working with my hands, that’s when I do all the work! It makes you sure that you’ve accomplished something too! Not that you don’t accomplish anything, but that’s in my case. Some of this Navigator gear could give you the lift that it has me! I’ve got the whole book now on Christian helps and it surely has been a booster. Just give me the word.

How’s everything in school coming and how’s the ranch? Is it reall winter yet? Down here it is back to the usual ebb of sunshine and nippy climate but it is alot better than the extreme cold and then the wet atmosphere!

Heard anything thing about the hound and how he is doing?

Do you see Uncle David much---did I tell you that all that Voice of prophecy gear that he gets is strictly Seventh Day Adventist? Read some of it over. It kind of worries me, no fooling. I met a fellow here at the Home last Saturday night through Youth for Christ who was almost what I’d call born again! After going to YFC and several churches Sunday with us (He even ate beef, Norm said so he’s not ‘died in the wool.’) when talking to Joe, he wondered if he really was saved!

Well, I have to shift offices and get to other studyes. I’m using the Christian Scientist’s office and this is the day for him to come out to the base. It gives me the heeby geegies sometimes when all I see is Mary Baker Eddy plastered every where but it is about the best office! Jesus can overcome it all anyhow! Have you seen any Royal typewriter yet?

I’ve kind of rattled on here, I hope I’ve said something of value to you--- I had alot to say when I sat down! The Lord can bless it! Incidentally, the 15th was the first day when they were going to begin the notification of the acceptees for NACP—pray for the Lord’s will, mom.

May the love, faith, joy, victory, and patience and humility

Which is in Christ Jesus be in you and may His precious blood

bring true Christian happiness forever,

In Him, your son, Stephen (Steve)- (habit forming)

P.S. I thought my typing was getting better- now, I wonder?

Hi Dad!

Psalm 139

Monday, September 13, 2010

11 February 1947

11 February 1947
Tuesday morning
1000 Hrs.

Dearest Mother,
I make the supposition that now you’re just preparing to leave for school- the same old eight o’clock stampede?

Oh Mom! It is my prayer this morning that you have arisen in clearer light on the nearer road to our Lord Jesus. May angels in heaven rejoice, may our “Mom” up there rejoice because we two or her children see the wonderful light of Jesus, on this fortieth year of your life. Oh, I pray it might be a stepping stone in that life sanctified for Christ and that His choice of your burden, His direction of your paths in these coming years will be accepting truths and a privelege of bearing to your mind and life.

“And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patience of Christ.” 2 Thess. 3:5 “In all thy ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” Prov. 3:6

“ ‘Tis a wonderful Name, ‘Tis Jesus”- ‘Tis a wonderful Book of truth! Praise God! God is our Master! Praise God! Christ is King. I do make supplication for you that God will draw nearer. Truly Paul expresses, “And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.

I probably won’t be able to make this a long letter. I did want to write some so I would get back on my Monday night or Tuesday morning routine. The Lord has been so wonderfully kind this week and this birthday of yours has mean’t more to me as a son, this year, this moment, than ever before. I thank God I am regenerated (2 Cor. 5:17) but I thank God for a wonderful Christian mother who cared for me in Godly sincerity. Truly Christ can give joy and peace added upon, again and again.

I make supplication for your affliction and pray God will reveal to you it’s purpose. The more I study the Bible, the surer I am God ahs every moment and incidet planned to bring us closer to Him. I still write Bob Davis often, he’s a Christian, not as devout as Christ would want mainly because of world separation but his experiences have been a blessing to me. A year ago, his brother died, shortly after his mother had a heart attack and it paralyzed her whole body, in speech too, and even though she gets stronger she’s absolutely helpless. Last month his father died. I just pray that through a closer friendship we can both become more devout disciples of our King. I just finished another chapter of “In His presence,” and it was about our acceptation and complainings of trials when all was to make us purer vessels of Jesus’ “glad tidings.” Oh Mom! No matter what happens to us or about us in our life, let us strive for His Glory and bless the Lord with our souls for that trial.

The Lord has blessed me with such a miraculous outpouring of His Holy Spirit this weekend and last night! I guard against and watch for emotionalism but I’ve seen now the distinct difference. Did you ever see a revival begin without a sermon but by a few songs of willingness and praise, some humble testimonies and people by that fling themselves upon the altar and cry real tears for Christ. I really came to meet a man of God this week. He’s leading (in the Spirit’s guidance) this revival. He’s a Dr. French, who began the missionary movement in France. He’s a wonderful witness for Christ.

It’s so difficult to see why we can’t crucify flesh, but praise God, He planned this weekend and last night (I went to Glendale Community Church and didn’t get to write then as I’d intended!) so that I might have real victory and personal, sincere friendship with my Savior. Oh mother! Pray for me- half isn’t satisfying- it has to be “all to Jesus, I surrender- I surrender all!”

“And now I commend you to God, and to the word of His Grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you the inheritance among all them that are sanctified.” Acts 20:32

“Happy Birthday,” Mom! And may the coming years in His grace be through Jesus Christ our Lord. I’ll hear you over the wires tonight, the Lord willing.

May His peace and joy envelope you,
In His Service,
Your son, Stephen

7 February 1947

Friday morning
7 February 1947

Dear Mom,
“But let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath:”
James 1:19

Of anything, I’m slow to speak, and I doubt whether the Lord would admire my swiftness or commend my spirit for writing to you this week! My policy has been to wait for you letter and then write but it seems I never received your letter until last nite and as a result you probably won’t get this until Monday. One thing I do promise though and that is to revise again unto my Monday night habit of writing you, even if I don’t hear from you that evening. I realize your Saturdays are alot fuller than they used to be, but perhaps if you get my letter earlier in the week you may find time to write before Saturday. I always have alot to write about after my weekend. The blessings of the past week added to wonderful services and rallys and fellowship over the weekend.

I truly thank God for that first Youth for Christ Rally at Home. It’s an answer to prayer, but I wish I had been alot more faithful at it. Matthew 18:19 is our faith! You know Mom when any of us have prayer request about persons or other things, we should mention them to one another, because even though the Lord attends all sincere prayer, a united prayer sends up more force. Right? I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate YC but I realize too that duly important is the “follow up” of that yielded life. I truly wish more ministers would give it a real chance, not a “one rally judgement” and weigh it for its value to the Kingdom. I truly wish Chaplain Andrews would do that. He totally is Lutheran and appears to be separated from all other faiths. I pray a little closer, and with patience and tolerance alike, inspection will reveal the real Chaplain, and not a hasty opinion’s result.

We (Joe Manuel and I) had a good Bible Class with the Chaplain Wednesday night. He truly knows his word from a solid study and it appears to be for the Kingdom too. I let what I feel a man’s faults to be, condemn him, which I have no right to do that, but Paul says, let no man do that which would cause a brother to stumble, and many surely have fallen to Satan because of drink and smoking, dances and movies! I’ve talked to alot of fellows who excused their smoking through Chaplains on this Base! Well, it is an issue which God will square away ‘cause the Word doesn’t say “don’t drink, or smoke.” I do know it harms the body and wastes money. Why! The Army Air Corps advises their night fliers against smoking before flights because as few as two cigarettes impairs and slows down night vision for a number of hours.

I’m sorry about forgetting when your birthday was. I’m writing it down in my noggin and on paper too this year! Last year I made a guess! I do hope I didn’t embarrass you- I wanted it secure because I forgot at t what date I’d guessed. I’ve been so busy all week I haven’t had a chance to look around much, and besides I wanted to get something you could use. As a result tomorrow, Saturday, I’ve decided as “look day!” I hope you will pardon my tardiness- I keep hoping to do better next time but I’ve still alot to learn about punctuality- I was just searching into my thought chain- I hope you’re home Tuesday night or let me know where you will be?- near a phone?

I was thinking about dad’s pen t’other day. Ask a jeweler in town about it but best yet the pen’s guaranteed and nothing accidentally has happened to it so just send it in. After all, it can be used then, not laying idle if repaired by the Company.

Did I tell you Mrs. Kibben told me Jim was going to marry Alice Huber- I mean’t to but I guess it slipped away! At least I could have eased the surprise or did someone else inform you prior to the date?

Thanks for Carol’s and Ellen’s letters- what is their address in case I should want to, or better yet find opportunity to write them? They seem to be quite the kids! I might want to greet Mr. + Mrs. Sometime too?

I asked Norm about the world’s time or age and he had studied that the first evidences of man were either four or six thousand years ago and that earth origin is not stated set. He felt Dr. Talbot was speaking in reference to man’s first appearing. Did it seem that way to you? Incidentally, Chaplain Andrew’s heard Talbot once, “very unscriptural.”

Tomorrow, I think I’ll go out and look for a reasonable priced portable typewriter- Royal if possible. I’m discovering I can really use it to an advantage not only on letters but also school work here. It will be a good investment especially if I get NACP and even if I don’t. I could use one of the building’s some but when I really need it, so does someone else! We’re starting to teach Trig Monday and our course is ten weeks, eight hours aday. It seems (?) we’re going to stay here and me stay Seaman first, but I really don’t care! What do you think about a “typerite?”

Hi Dad!

I have class in a few minutes but I do pray that, our gracious Lord Jesus, and our heirship to the Trinity (Romans 8: 16, 18) will bless you throughout the week and guide you always.

In Him,
your son Stephen

P.S. “Happy Birthday!”- through Christ.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

February 16, 1947

February 16, 1947
Sunday afternoon

Dear Dad,
“But God chose the foolish things of the world, that He might put to shame them that are wise; and God chose the weak things of the world, that He might put to shame the things that are strong; and the base things of the world, and the things that are despised, did God choose, ye and the things that are not, that He might bring to nought the things that are: that no flesh should glory before God.”
1 Corinthians 1: 27-29

You know, when God chose me to love and serve Him, He didn’t pick me because I had the brains and wisdom of the world about me and knew the score on all things! In fact, it was more the opposite in my case! He didn’t take me because I was some big bolting, husky guy who could wrestle with grizzly bears and win. No! definitely not so, because I probably would turn tail at the first signs! Nope! It isn’t the best that God chooses and it is usually the opposite in most of His choices. Saint Paul makes that very clear as He talks to the Corinthians. God takes a broken and contrite spirit, and that is the only kind! Even I, who has not yet really learned the true humility that He would have me to have and the willingness to help others out in their daily trials and tasks, could never be received into the gracious Father’s Kingdom until I realized how little I actually was! God wants little men so He can make them big men-----He wants us like little Babes, as Jesus says in Matthew 18:3, “Verily I say unto you, Except ye turn, and become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the Kingdome of Heaven.”

That verse was written right to my heart because I remember how little children are before they get the idea they are something and how simple and attentive they are to the things going on around them. All in all though, I have no regret; I thank God I was weak and and foolish---I thank God Jesus showed me the way of life. Not just this present life but that which is to come. I am promised Salvation from Hell, I don’t want to go there—I don’t want to know what it is like either because I have read what it says in God’s Word about it, and that Everyone that does not believe, and as it says in Revelation 20:15, “And if any was not found written in the book of life, he was cast into the Lake of Fire.” That’s enough for me and the sermons I hear on Hell, Fire, and Brimstone just send shivers up and down my spine. Sometimes we say preachers should preach more on love of God---you know God had a lot of Love for us if He sent His own Son down to Hell in our place that if we believed on Him, we would never have to go! All I can say, is Praise God for His unspeakable Gift and His patience that He kept me on this earth long enough to be saved before I died and was sent to judgement. I could have died at His whim on the instant---now I’m ready should He call, not worthy to stand before Christ on the throne, but saved from His wrath that He tryed so hard for me not to have. Yes, Jesus is real to me! Amen! (Loud too, just like some old brother in the back of the church!) Amen!

It was surely good to hear my folks over the phone last Tuesday night, it was really worth anything it ever took to call you! I think I’ll pull the same thing more often! Incidentally, the cold snap is over now, but, as soon as it was over on Wednesday morning it started to rain and it really rained for about two days straight! Today is a wonderful day and are the type of days that make Florida what it really is! How is it up home? Did it snow after the cold snap? ‘Time’ Magazine says that $50,000,000 worth of fruit produce was lost due to the weather!

I’ve sure been going to a swell little church in the South section of Jacksonville. It is an interdenominational gathering called the Glendale Community Church. The men and women are hard working not only on temporal things by which they might profit by in this old world but put the Lord’s work first and really serve; most of them are country folks and I tell you it’s really a blessing to go out there! Norm is more or less the assistant pastor out there. That’s how I got started going out there.
I just had chow with Joe Manuel. Joe’s my Papagos Indian pal and he is really a testimony for the Lord here on the base. He is from a a tribe near Tuscon, Arizona and he’s the only Christian in his whole tribe, in fact, his mother and father tossed him out when he went to school for the Lord. I guess his folks can’t even speak English. Here on the base it seems that the Lord is really opening the chance to get Bible classes on the go, and Joe and I the Lord willing are going to at last really get on the Ball!

I am supposed to talk to the kids out at this small Methodist church I have been going to for about three months now. I’ve been compiling things all week and have to get them together now.

I do hope you keep up that idea of writing soon because Dad, a letter from you would cheer this old no-good and hardly worth-it hearth of mine to real joy. How’s the horses making out? Did it get cold enough to damage any of the livestock out at the ranch? What was the lowest temperature? Have you seen or heard anything about Jason? Well, I’d better get on the ball and do some research and study---I’ve pulled too many other unprepared speeches before!

I pray the Lord will show unto you His great peace and joy through His precious but sacrificed Son and shower you with His wondrous blessings,

In Him,
Your son,
“He that being often reproved hardeneth his neck
Shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.”
Proverbs 29:1

3 February 1947

3 February 1947
Monday morning

Dear Dad,
“I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains: From whence shall my help come? My help cometh from Jehovah, who made heaven and earth…….Jehovah will keep thy going out and thy coming in From this time forth and forever more.” Psalms 121: 1,2,8
You know Dad, I don’t have any mountains to look up to, just flat old sand dunes but I do have the mountains of clouds to look up into and feel my soul climb up to the majesty of God and find great peace. From the realistic surrounding of mountains at home where you can look upon the Lord’s handiwork all the day long is really something, but I take pride in the fact that God gave me an imagination to feature Him and the wonderful things He has in store for me. I used to worry what I was going to do for a career in the old world. I had great big ambitions but no gumption. I’d get the idea all cooked up and then begin to doubt it when the going would get a bit rough. Now, I’m busy all the time and some day I hope I can say I have spent one whole day for the glorification of my Lord but fellows will ask me during the day if I’m going to be a minister and all I can say is that I’m set aside for the Lord’s work but that’s a pretty wide field and I can’t say….the Lord will tell me in a definite way as long as I stay close to Him in my living. If I draw away then, all thanks to Him, He’ll burden me until I do give in all the way.

I run into fellows every day that use language that isn’t fit for animals and the way they act reminds me of some natural scene that you’d only expect out in the instincts and surroundings that nature gave to animals. Even after lights are out the fellows have to lay in their bunks and tell of their great sensations. I’m not the only one in the world though that has to see all this go on and even so if it stops me I like to remind myself how it must hurt the Father who loved us so much so long ago that He sent His only son down on the earth to die and teach men of His love. After all man couldn’t replace man upon this earth. Earth is made in a perfect balance, so that someone who was perfect Himself in every way did the construction work.

That’s why when I look around me, and surely others are conscious of it too, and see nature in its best, God Himself living and speaking in every hill, animal, lighting, and darkening, how can we refuse Him acknowledgement. I can’t say why! I did refuse Him the right to call me His own for so long and even now when my eyes are open I give myself and the means visible to man’s greatness the credit, for instance, who made the atom perfect in every respect and so efficient? Man couldn’t but he gives himself the credit! Who put it there for man to find and use? God, and man takes it and forgets the maker. That’s why in the Bible the Lord says He takes the simple to expose the wise and their universal understandings. Thank God I’m simple!

I’m kind of one jump behind today and yester-day. I’m still buried in a pile of back mail but the Lord willing I’ll get the time to catch up. I’ve got the duty tonight and have to teach night school so I should be able to catch up on my writing! Speaking of writing, I heard from Al Watenpaugh. From what I get from his letter he got a nice easy desk job but I wouldn’t make a definite statement. He is in Fort Lewis in Tacoma, Washington.

About once a week I get word that I’m going to be shipped out to school. Each time I go over to the office I get a silly smile from the officer in charge and he tells me not to worry. They have to ship 140 Seamen out of NATTC by the first of March. I haven’t heard anything of the NACP deal and the results I don’t expect to be too good. If I do get in as I’ve said before it will be strictly the Lord’s will and it is up to me and you and Mom just to beleive that the Lord is able!

Today was kind of a replenishing on the material side of the Navy life----payday. That’s the reason I have this moment now. It isn’t bad at all having a little bit of extra time time. I should make a lot of teaching aids but there’s not much use if I won’t be here to use them. I think one of these days I’ll do a paint job on my rooom, especially because the Admiral’s supposed to make a visit in a few weeks. We had a workday last Saturday which is very unusual and in this case very disappointing to many poor sailors who had big liberty plans. It rained all morning Saturday so they didn’t feel so very bad in the end.

Winter hasn’t begun down here yet. It is sure a contrast from last year because then a fellow couldn’t even walk outside without a overcoat on or he’d freeze to death. It has started to rain a little bit though. Saturday it looked like about ten new rivers had sprung up out of nowhere and they really carry the sand right down the street!
The Lord surely has given me a challenge to read more word. So far I now begin to realize I have making the Bible a sideline where it should be a sideline along the whole day. You might call it then Main Course of the meal….a fellow just has to eat. I don’t believe I have gone to it yet (The Bible) when the Lord wouldn’t lead me to an answer right on the nose!! I don’t mean to tell you what to do Dad, and I definitely don’t believe in forcing, but I know you would never regret what spare moments each day you could put in on the Bible. It is really wonderful to read of all the promises and guidances the Lord has provided for us while we are here on this earth.

I have to give a test this next period and I wish I had time to say something that was worth your time reading (not that the Lord and His Son aren’t but it’s the way I put things that kills it ); I surely would appreciate a short note from your pen hand—some snowy afternoon perhaps?

May the Grace and Peace of God be with you always,

Your Son,

January 29, 1947

January 29, 1947
Wednesday evening

“Of who do the kings of the
earth take custom or tribute?
Of their own children, or of
strangers? Peter saith unto Him,
of strangers. Jesus saith unto
Him, Then the children are free.”

Dear Mom,
In a way, I’m very ashamed of myself for the rate I’ve gone through Matthew and then I’m glad I did meditate but the above from Matthew 17:25,26 sure came into my heart when I was waiting for chow this noon. Maybe I’ve taken it wrong but the dent it made made joy overwhelming because it told me further the strangers to Christ are going to pay a price when they enter into His lad but His children enter in, free! I certainly pray my God that my hunger for His Word might increase because there are surely alot of unbeared treasures awaiting my discoveries. I’d know how to overcome things too- how to pray and really be victorious in Christ. I forgive myself too many times.

This book, “In His Presence” is surely an inspiration for sincere prayer and a good “check-off” list too! I’m just beginning to see how so many of my prayers have fallen short, not because of my hearer, but of my own faith and frankness which was mightily lacking. I still am thankful for Christ who makes intercession for my prayers that I might be understood.

Day by day, amidst my weakness and shortcomings God is blessing me continually. First, it was an eye opener to Joe and I to hear of the future disposal of Navigators here and how we’d started absorbing all the blessing and had passed none of it on. Believe me, it popped our pride out and we crawled to the Lord. I’m still not humble and lowly enough but God willing I’ll come to Him contritely for I have cast Him aside. If Norm goes, Joe is going to try and buy the house (He’s to be discharged in July.) and keep organized through Daws in L.A. The Lord will work that part out. Our task is to get boy’s into the Home again. Why! There used to be twenty or thirty here and now we’re happy with five!

So campaign begins, and, first off comes another wonderful Youth for Christ program and we get about three or four new mates. At least we had a crowded house that night! I’d dropped almost completely Chaplain Andrew’s Bible Class and so at last I’m on the road to making signs and telling everyone I can about it. Joe’s starting one up at Mainside and we’re both going to go over to the Hospitale where Chaplain Menges (I hear he’s really on fire!) is considering starting one up! Boy, someone’s going to hear of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord willing through whom and how, men, and women, are going to be saved! Then, comes the invitation, “Come to Navigators!” Oh Mom! Praise the Lord and pray for us. Satan’s busy trying to cool the flames down but this time Jesus is going to be the victor! I’m holding fast to Christ and looking up and leaning on His power to guide and strengthen me. Jesus lives and God grant it this Base swerves to the Lord.

Just to show you prayer goes not long unanswered both Chaplains Andrews and Stevenson gave Gospel’s sermons. Just a little bit more prayer, and a little bit more Gospel and there’ll be Salvation preached. People, of the world like my friends back home, if they knew my real thoughts, I’d be a fool to them! It’s fun to be a fool for Christ- did you ever read 1 Corinthians, first chapter! Do it!

A pastor from out at the Baptist Temple a Dr. Harris (an author) is preaching or I should say teaching on the book of Romans. Say! Isn’t that a treasure chest? That fellow out there can sure make the division line clear between a sinner and a Christian! For example! He has two chairs- the first, the seat God put man in after Adam had sinned and because we had all sinned, death passed on us too (Romans 5:12) That man was subject to law and love but it was a case where only a Lamb’s blood sacrificed could forgive. He had no control over sin and fleshly desires and what he shouldn’t do, he did. God saw the wretched state (Romans 7) man was in. He gave His only son to die in pain and misery, to shed His blood as the Lamb for the forgiveness of those who believed honestly that this was done for them. (Romans 8) Now, God has taken that blood and in our accepting His love our sin is covered so God can’t see it and won’t he hindered from working further wonders in our life.

Today, stand two chairs, the same wondrous gift is offered to both, one accepted, one refused. One is “saved” for eternal life, the other is destined for Hell and it’s utmost depths and everlasting misery. I could never explain it as He did but the distinction was so marvelous.

I went over to Witty’s church (pastor of the church this speaker’s at) Sunday after Capworth League at Hendrick’s Memorial Church (Methodist) and their evening service which was “No Greater Power,” a film on Luke 19: 1-10. It was good except for some unrealistic parts. They always get out rather early so Annabelle (one of my buddies girls) and I went over and heard this Harris. The Lord touched another Marine Student of mine. The Lord’s sure wonderful, isn’t He?

There are thirty Wheaton girls holding services at a local Baptist Church tonight that I’d sure like to see, but my duty is Bible Class tonight and some down to earth and up from God Bible study which I nearly forgot in my anticipation. I hope I get to hear this teacher once more. I could have last night only I started writing to Jordan. Well, the Lord will provide if He sees fit! That’s for sure.

You ask why I send so much money home and recall please you sent me by telegram $15 and $25 and when I left home, $25 again. Also, when contemplating my trip home I told you I’d paid so little of the two hundred from last summer, if any, I couldn’t allow you to buy my whole ticket home so gradually I intend to keep sending bit by bit one hundred to ease my concience mainly. Now, don’t you two pull any shennanigans! I owe it to you and it is yours! in your bank account. After we hit that mark, then “recuperate” mine. Please?!

How do you like to write letters in the morning? I enjoy it! Excuse my delay in writing, it’s cause I was waiting for your letter.

I’m glad you enjoy C.L. +T. I surely do, what little I can catch! I’ll ask Norm what you mentioned about Talbot’s sermon.

Tell Edna I’ll write soon. I’m behind mine letters! I’m glad Jason’s squared away. If it wasn’t the Lord’s will; it’ll be shown.

Hi Dad!
Class is soon and I have to shower and eat.
May our Lord’s love shine bright in you each day,

Your son,
Rom. 3:24

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

21 January 1947

21 January 1947
Tuesday afternoon

“I am the vine, ye are the branches; he that abideth in Me, and I in him;
the same bringeth forth much fruit; for without Me, ye can do nothing.”
John 15:5

“Christ in the Life”
Dear Mom,
“As ye have, therefore, received Jesus Christ the Lord, so walk ye in Him.” Colossians 2:6

I truly praise God for your letter and Daw’s talk last night, and for the verses that give real victory which I started on yesterday (Second setter now, I am- praise Him!). It all tied together so wonderfully to make a more victorious life evident in the future! In face last week in the midst of my studies I became so belated about my weaknesses I was of hindrance in that respect in way of my studying. I did learn many things of dynamic future spiritual value last week though! I think it did me a lot of good to have to “dig in” even if it was so scattered.

So many things have taken place since I last wrote I ponder on beginning but the most important was meeting Dawson Trottman and hearing him speak! If you read over the Log you recall that he is the organizer of the Navigator group. It was he that worked with the different members of the five first men who began this work. He is connected with the Wycliff translation group too now, and could he ever “go to town” on it. He has been down in Mexico where the first step was taken. Wycliff groups are in Peru and Venesuvela (?) and their next hop and prayer is Siberia! The idea of a “closed door” is their main objective. Mexico was closed but there have been nearly all of the Indian tongues understood so as it could be written in Scripture; incidentally, they began with the Aztec Indians there! I couldn’t begin to tell you al that he said- it was the quickest two hours I’d ever seen or heard of. He could talk about the field too for missions! He said, “Someone as me why I’m here and not over there!” Someone did, and he said he surely wanted to be a missionary and would have gone except his boy’s work wouldn’t let him loose. He says, more and more, his task is evident! He’s one of God’s appointed “go-getters” for missionaries! The Navigators out of Biola will turn out nearly five hundred men for foreign fields in around fifteen years, “should the Lord tarry!” He’s some kind of official of the American Missionary board and he says it really does his heart good to see them go. By the way, did you know there are more women and girl missionaries abroad than men? “Timid souls for soft pastor jobs at home!” He said it gently, of course, but he said in L.A. at one time recently there were 300 Presbyterian’s (ministers) jobless and the field was crying!

Old Daw’s is sure a “regular” guy too. Boy, if there was ever a more rustic, vivacious, husky, guy in the world, I don’t know of him! Oh yes, about him and Biola! Norm says he was never kicked out, he just had too many things on his hands and had to drop it! Wes must have gotten a bum steer, because Norm surely wouldn’t hand me one.

I got some mighty good pointers from Daws about personal work. Here I’d felt so miserable in not doing personal work like I should, and seeing other Christians hard at it humbled me that much more. Even though, if the Holy Spirit should call upon me when talking to someone, I should obey but otherwise, I’m yet so young in my new life, I wonder and watch and study, but am hardly expected to go out and win souls right here and now! Daws gave a good illustration- a soul winner’s method; He walked up to me, thumped me on the chest and said, “Are you a Christian?,” “Why aren’t you?,” “You know if you aren’t you’re going to do, don’t you?” That’s a common method! Even when a person’s saved, his inspiration is to go out immediately and win others which if the Spirit commands is fine but God hardly expects the individual to do that for he’s a mere babe and many of the promises of Salvation are yet unknown until he begins studying the Word and memorizing it. It surely made me alot more assured with victory and gave me a zeal to get going on my study. My excuse as being a babe can’t go on much longer, and isn’t a blind but a seclusion that in time my fruit in glorifying Him might increase. At the present it is all in living and letting the light of miraculous wonder of Christ Jesus shine out in me.

Wednesday morning

I’m miserably slow, please pardon me. I got up early this morning but it was so cold, my fingers were too numb to even hold and manipulate the pen! Jake Bass and his wife are down from the Navigator Home up there in Norfolk. The came down Monday morning to see Daws and then decided to stay over until Thursday. I don’t believe they are any kin to Sheridan’s Basse’s but Jake was a baker in the Navy and his wife and he knew Milton Cunningham quite well. They met him in Narragut when boot camp was up there, and still have correspondence with him. If you see him, tell him I saw them. Jake had been up in the Aleutians where Joe Stephens had been and knew many of the same fellows but at different times, and as Joe took Marge, Norm, Paul, and Jake and his wife to the Chicken Stuffer (for $1.50 you get all the chicken you can eat, with trimmings) they had quite a time together.

With one family out, Webers decided to play with their youngun and just about the time I could sit down and start to work they created music and played “horsey” with Johanna riding one, the other holding her on and there wasn’t much quiet! I didn’t especially care though because sleep hadn’t been very plentiful Saturday, Sunday (Daws came then but has gone to Chicago now.), or Monday nights, so, I got in my eight hours.

Winter never has really come yet. We have cold streaks and hot ones. Today seems like the cold waves have come again! Last year this time we needed three heavy wave blankets; Sunday night a sheet was too heavy, this morning I can sit on top of the radiator and still feel a numbness, if any sensation whatsoever! The sun’s shining too and not a cloud in the sky. That’s the main reason it’s cold. It’s damp and cloudy for a few days, maybe a few light rains, and bingo! It clears off and we freeze!

I tried my utmost to hit all the highspots last week of a normal education. I made a poor attempt and the more I studied, the less I knew because I began to realize what a maze of work I’d forgotten. Section four on the sample test mentioned abstract material; when I opened that test and began work, it was all abstract material. At any rate, it surely missed me. I have never seen vocabulary like that since the Pepsi Cola test. In fact, I think one was drafted from the other! Reading wasn’t bad, Physics was practical but so invalued I was stumped on memory. Math wasn’t hard but it took time, for me anyhow. The craziest thing I saw was the section four! It gave you pictures of lines slanting this and that way, mixed in a few circles and curves and in the answers gave two samples both from one or one form each and said, “what is the similarity?” That’s what I said, “Is there?” It all looked more like a telephone booth’s “doodle” pad!

What you said about studying really went home. I really have to study and not scatter it all over many subjects but concentrate on my Bible, how God speaks to me in it and then a side subject (now to finish my American History!) and a constant review on all the math I’ve had. You might say though that my major is on the Bible. It has to be. With that and prayer growth and Scripture memorization (on my forty second verse today, Praise the Lord!) I can live a more victorious life in Him. And the Lord leading, I’ll be able to win soul’s for Him. It surely is something to pray for and my experiences won’t depend upon so many other’s convictions even though at times they do help. The Lord will provide surely. You know, in these past two weeks when I felt so defeated, I was eager for a more diciple-like life but I thought about my faults so much I actually became self centered or a bit egotistical minded! I’ve been reading “In His Presence” lately and it surely makes prayer more enjoyable and personal.

All this NACP puzzles me. Nor the first two years I’d be just like a civilian in college, even taking some subjects of my own choice. Then would come Navy routine in flight school. It’s such an opportunity to witness and it doesn’t seem possible it might be for me. I will admit my previous ambitions have influenced me. I still intend to learn to fly the Lord willing, V-5 or not. The test was so hard, and the competition so high that if I do make it there will be no doubt in my mind as to whether it is for me or not. I’ll know it is. I know that it is in God’s hands and I’m thankful for it. A life in V-5 does seem strange but I think it is so strange anywhere you go- there’s always corruption and man’s lust.

Incidentally, the word is that the Jacksonville “Home” will be sold and Norfolk used as nearly headquarters within a few months. It’s hard to take but we’ll see if it’s the Lord’s will.

Class starts shortly so I’d best get busy. I pray the Lord’s wisdom and strength will be upon you always,

In Him, your son, Stephen

20 January 1947

20 January 1947
Monday evening

Dear Dad,
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth waste and void; and the darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Genesis 1: 1-3

Even though the true meaning isn’t what I delight to have it mean,- not that it doesn’t satisfy one’s knowledge of the power of God, but, I look back and recall, that even though I was formed by God’s handiwork and born a regular human being, I too was void, corrupt, and without shape. In my confusion and lust I chose the more visible things before me and truly, I was as one who was blind.

“That (Christ) was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” John 1:9 When I actually experienced Him, saw my need for Him, and His wonderful love, my blindness was gone, just as scales dropping from before my eyes. Since that, there has been no sorrow, burden, or pain that I couldn’t take to Him and have it taken from me. With Him all my worry and strife disappear. I just praise the Lord tonight, I should more always; I praise Him for you and that gift of a dad He gave to me.

I’m sorry I’ve been such a tardy and poky writer. It’s surely been a hustling, bustling, past week. I had sincere intentions of writing to you on the usual Sunday afternoon and if I hadn’t suddenly gotten lazy I would have. As it went, though, I decided to map for forty-five minutes. The alarm went off too suddenly and I set I up about twenty minutes, and, so on through the afternoon! At last, still too soon, it was “meeting” time and I had to get up! I felt guilty cause I knew I wasn’t especially right and Satan had had another victory and when I got down stairs and we were discussing verses and their various properties, believe me, I really was convicted! We brought up the subject of “longsuffering” and Norm (our supervisor) was telling of his “testing” when he was trying grapple with sleep! “First” he said, ‘Carolyn, the baby would cry out, then the telephone would ring, and then, some guy in boy’s room (me) kept having an alarm clock going off about every ten minutes and he surely got a chance to go over his “longsuffering!” After this, I resolved as I came crawling out of the narrow crack in the deck I’d dropped into, when I set an alarm and it goes off, I’m going to get up! At any rate, to make a long story longer and more inexcusable I just didn’t write and that’s why I say, “I’m sorry.” I was glad to learn a lesson even though some others had to pay for it, before I did.

I heard from Mother tonight and her letter surely went home to my heart. I’m certainly proud my Mom, don’t forget to help her with her housework whenever you can. I wish I could come home every nite myself! I do realize you get pretty tired too, Dad, so you just do what your heart tells you to and don’t listen me.

I finally have the “great test” behind me, and it’s strictly in the Lord’s hands. In fact, when I looked at the first page I knew that it had been since the first book I’d opened to study indirectly for it. In man’s sight my chances are exceedingly slim because it was such a “cooker” and beyond my present mind, and then too, both civilian and Naval competition run so high….? I do believe the Lord can do it if He wills it all. My urge is for it but that’s me. When I’m notified in March I’ll know for sure fist where the Lord wants me in this deal. All I see is the great opportunity and the first two years just like a civilian student in college, where the Lord sends me. If he would say “no,” I can be glad too. It’s just His way of answering prayer.

Did you get the card I sent you after I got back here to Jax? I was suspicious of my inability to write you before now so I sent it.

My motorcycle and motor scooter or bike notions are still being refreshed in every way except financially sound! One thing is that they boosted city zone bus rates up to a dime now! It’s going to make a lot of people dig deeper. I’m still in doubt about a motorcycle. They are mighty hard to stay on the safe side of and even though I do feel sure I could use it in the Lord’s name and be protected, well, it’s hard to arrive at the conclusion without God’s “word!” My foremost reason for transportation is for economy. ‘Cycles burn gas and oil at regular car rates. Scooters are better, but on this motor bike I can get 125 miles to the gallon!- two ounzes of oil every hundred miles! We’ll see.

Dawson Trottman (He’s the originator of Navigation’s) is visiting us this weekend and leaves tonight. We’re going to have a meeting in “commemoration” and I’d best get rolling, and get some songs going. “Bird-singers” leading “maestro”- (laugh now)!

Write (your pencil still works) when you sit a spell. How’s the ranch and all?

May God’s will and blessing be yours,
Your son, Stephen

P.S. How’s the feeding weather? Done anything about Jason? Incidentally send me Mom’s and your Birthday dates will you? I lost my address book.

13 January, 1946

Monday evening
13 January, 1946

Dear Mom,
“Let nothing be done through strife on vain glory but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves; look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.” Philippians 2: 3,4

What a miserable wretch I am. How unworthy I am of God’s infinite love and how ashamed I’d be to stand before Him and listen to my evils. Nevertheless, in spite of my severe criticism of others, my failure to “put my nose to the grindstone,” I can have victory in Christ Jesus, and my unrighteousness is forgiven and I can profit by its lesson. Praise God!

This past week has been a flop as far as studying goes! First, night school was moved to another building and our building is secured after hours. I came in town Monday night to the ‘home’ to try to study but with kids squeeling and getting up early to go out to the base I didn’t accomplish “that” much! Tuesday night was spent trying to black out my class room effectively and Wednesday night “unblacking” it, firmly convicted and finally too about tearing down my Lord’s testimony in me, and breaking station rules. Thursday, most of my time was traveling to the home but at last some studying done and Friday a little bit more but at any rate what little studying that’s been done hasn’t advanced my education much at all! – if any! The Lord has some reason in it. I’ll see sometime!

Transportation is my most costly and time wasting problem so, Saturday I resolved a few hours to buy, by some finance company, a motor-bike; well, even if I could have gotten the money there wasn’t one left in town! I couldn’t quite map it out and up till this day’s end I was intending to make this letter for finance’s appeal and in a shameful personage too but I can’t be too sure how long I’ll be in Jax now as they are whooping it up again about the “shipping out Seaman instructor” deal again, and supposedly my chances being away, far away, by the end of the month are probable. I’m going to put in for Specialist of nevertheless and wherever the Lord wants me to go, in Him I’ll prosper and grow. So, before I sent home for funds and get hung with a motor-bike to sell myself, I’m going to make sure of my position.

I wasn’t able to get much of anything done but Christian social work and going to church over the weekend but the coming week seems promising. One thing, my old battle for concentration is on in studying but now I have someone who gives me a true victory over that kind of thing! The noise in evening hours is still around but I got bed around eight thirty and get up at four thirty when even the cockroaches are sleeping! I get in my devotions and some study and when I get out to the base I’m ready to study hard. You know, I’ve been slow on this “draw” but my senses of pulling out resources quickly and widely is getting good practice.

I can say this! Mainly because of my clumsiness and slowness of mind I’ve slumped but if I pass this up-coming test and get into the program it will be strictly God’s will in my life and mind, because my mind certainly isn’t prepared, and not only has God been testing but Satan’s been busy too. It is going to be an aptitude and practically applied acquired knowledge test and with the extremely high number of apt minded Navy students and college and high school students running in the same race, the competition is rough and I’m going to have to have an awfully high grade to succeed. One thing I know, and that is if I try and have faith, God could give me “one-hundred” on it even though I wouldn’t deserve it, and His will, will be finally and plainly shown. I praise the Lord for the opportunity and need prayer strength to keep me on the road to do what He would have me do. I must remember, it all must glorify God, and I pray I will. In all my strife this past week spent trying this and that, the Lord surely has shown me I must be careful in living for Him always.

We had a wonderful Youth for Christ speaker and altogether I heard him speak three times. I’ve never quite seen a Christian so plumb full and flowing over with vim and vigorment! I guess he’d have to be! He was the Field Representative for Youth for Christ National from Chicago headquarters. I went to YFC dinner banquet and heard him, the YFC Rally on Saturday and also he ate dinner at the home Saturday nite; then last night he gave a sermon at Norm’s church and we went over unto the pastor’s house afterward and listened to him until eleven. He never runs down! He was at the home quite a bit and he’s just the type of tolerant, patient but babbling Christian who can speak to your heart and you can tell your problems to. He’s a Baptist minister, married, with a little boy, and has that man got lungs to shout “wit!” I wish you could have seen him.

Well, time’s slipping away and I have devotions and some “sack time” to qualify for. Sending a test separate and also some prayer power tracts- I sure fail the Lord- “I’ve a ‘crowded- Inn’ heart!” I was wondering if you and dad couldn’t have devotions every night; it’s surely a lift? I didn’t help much when I was home to further it- my selfishness, strictly, but try it and pray about it.
John 20:21
May God Keep you and Bless you always,
Your son, Stephen

P.S. Sending “sample” test- looks easy? Anything with studying’s hard for me!

7 January 1947

7 January 1947
Tuesday afternoon

“I thank my God upon all my remembrance of you, always in every
supplication of mine on behalf of you all making my supplication with joy.”
Philippians 1: 3,4

Dear Mom and Dad,

I don’t think I’ve ever been homesick (like this) before and I know if it wasn’t for the Lord Jesus my “eternal” home wouldn’t be open for sinners like me. I really don’t see how people put up with me at all. I hope I didn’t cause a whole lot of misery and resentment just before I left. I realize now how immaterial it was, as I had seen those kids during the day, (it was) to take those things to them just before I left and to rush you so. It is those little things which are a pain that I have to get rid of, ‘pronto!’ I hope you’ll forgive me; maybe the Lord made it so big an issue to make an impression on my thick noggin’!

All my inward ‘pangs’ are many times worth the real joy that it brought to be home again. Of course, I again wish I could’ve ridden with Dad more and talked with Mom more and stayed home much more than I did, but I was glad that what running I did was to further the cause of Christ in school or wherever it may have effect in lives. If I start thinking about how wonderful it was, I get wishin’ I was back in Wyoming and when I realize I can’t, I feel “wuss yet!” The Lord is speaking to me along these lines though because when I think of others the Lord can use me to help I forget myself which is a good thing.

All I know is I can never begin to tell you how much being with you meant way down in my heart. It was almost just like making life long friends anew! I think I only halfway knew you or appreciated you until just this leave. I just praise God He could see it fit for me to come home and get to know the folks He has blessed me with. I do hope you haven’t regretted all your kindness and welcome to me. I still can’t figure out why the Lord could see it fit for me, so unworthy a disciple, to have such a wonderful experience but more and more I see plain the care and comfort of God and of His son’s salvation in my life. I just pray others have benefited from my visit other than just me because that was the whole cause and hope of my visit. It seems strange never before in my life have I really enjoyed talking to Mom- when she used to talk before my mind was miles away- this time it meant something. Getting out with Dad and realizing his interests and hopes a lot better just lifted me right up and I really feel I know him now. I don’t believe I can ever stop thanking the Lord for such a “smile” and such a home. I wish and hope I might be more deserving and things were somewhat as goodly for you as they were for me. Well, the dictionary doesn’t have enough words and my time is limited, so I can say, “Thank you from my heart’s bottom” and praise the Lord, for his infinite kindness.

No doubt you would like to hear about my return trip. I do hope you received my telegram- personally I was overwhelmed with feeling and “Arrived okay” was as good as I could do. My trip back was alot more eventful I must admit than going home. Quite abit more confused. I was an hour and some minutes late but a least I had an excuse from the air line.

I got off swell from home and slept right through Casper and Cheyenne stops. I almost didn’t wake up at Denver but they kicked me out and so I chewed peanuts for an hour of waiting! I was quite surprised as I stood in the waiting room to see my old “girl-friend” Wilma Jean Ahlemeyer come in with her folks. I wasn’t sure at first it was she but coincidentally she got on the same plane as I. By that time I was sure it was she, but I never said “book” cause I wanted to find out if she’d recognize me- she sat down in the seat across the aisle form me and very shortly leaned over and asked me if I was me- of course, I said yes! She was in her last year at Arkansas and she’s majored in psychology! We had a talk but we must have bored one another because we both dropped off in sleep in a short time. Armarillo, Texas and we bid farewell and I got another flight to Fort Worth! I came close to missing breakfast but as it would have been hard to face I persuaded the hostess to let me eat on the sly (so other “sleepers” wouldn’t see me!). When I hit Fort Worth I was surprised (I was held there instead Dallas, so Denver said) because I found my reservations had been altered and my plane for New Orleans had left but the Lord was there and I got a seat that someone didn’t show up for. I got to New Orleans right on schedule but as I read my Bible and thought, time went by and my flight was never announced. I hurried to the ticket counter- plane was late and they weren’t sure how late! I waited two long hours, nearly three, - I was supposed to leave at 4:20 and the plane at last left at ten minutes to seven. I think what troubled me most was I couldn’t find any peanuts to buy in New Orleans or anywhere along the line. I don’t know why the sudden craving for them but everytime I woke up, I wanted peanuts. Must have been the Lord’s will though that I be without cause the do seem to be a little greasy for my system! I woke up when the hostess said Jacksonville and some worried sailor asked her what time it was and she said 12:30. As I picked my heart out of my feet and got off the plane I stopped at the ticket counter and they were outfitted for such a thing. At any rate I happily got my certified delay sheet and hopped it to the Air Base right quick. Everything seemed “roger-doger” with everyone and I haven’t heard any complaints and by now I don’t expect too either! I do believe it was just the Lord’s gentle way of telling me not to plan things so close together (again!) because even though it would have been rougher I could have taken the three thirty plane out of home and instead of taking these last two days to get squared away, did it all easily Sunday afternoon and evening. I haven’t had a chance to get going on my studying yet for that reason but tomorrow I commission my new plan! So far it looks favorable.

I was happy to find on my return but one letter (then, a card) awaiting (Edna’s Christmas Greeting) me and even though I am behind quite a few letters I’m definitely going to have to settle on one fairly short letter a day- limit one hour- in order to provide for study period. I hesitate at this writing, thinking of letting it go until after the test but I think a short letter will be a good outlet and keep me well rounded off during each day. That’s one of the reasons I made this letter collectively because I’ll have quite a bit of drill this week end and I then will start my individual letters to you next Monday. Eleven more days until the test. The Lord’s surely going to have to carry me through although I must try to do my part and not make trial of Him. The future is promising in the lord and I pray I will allow Him to use me in His Will. My New Year’s Resolution is to let Christ live in me all the way and not just half of the way, or hardly even that much, as I have been doing.
I’m sending fifty dollars in an enclosed money order which I hope is only a small portion of that coming. We were all paid on the 6th rather than half the station on the 1st and I believe we’ll be paid again the fifteenth. I do want to get my debts squared away quickly. It’s been long enough!

I’m sending a tract which surely interested me! We seldom think of incidentals as the Lord’s lesson. Maybe you read it at home but it’s a good one to pass on and it does sound reasonable even though it’s difficult to understand as many times things are. I’m surely finding that closer personal friendship with Christ is surely the key to a more marked living- a life fuller and less lonely and Jesus’ powers surely have kept me these past few days. I guess I’ve never experienced homesickness before because I never stayed home enough but that’s immaterial because if I can become closer to you no matter how great homesickness might get I’ll stay home more yes next leave (the Lord willing) and love it, ‘pangs’ and all! It’s wonderful!

The love of Jesus satisfieth every longing in one’s heart and praise the Lord for that. I have to hurry into town now, and mail this letter but I’m ever praying for your welfare and further knowledge of him and that God will bless and strengthen you in every strife and battle of the day and against Satan.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.” 2 Thessalonians 3:18

Your son in Christ’s love,