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March 16, 1947

Sunday afternoon
March 16th, 1947

Dear Mom,
Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior. Titus 1:4
But sanctify in your hearts Christ as Lord: being ready always to give answer to every man that asketh you a reason concerning the hope that is in you, yet with meekness and fear.
I Peter 3:15

I don’t know why that verse is so preeminent this weekend – it is my 78th verse and I truly thank God for it. I’ve used it in several letters today and yesterday. For me it has removed a great deal out of my haughty spirit that I have anything over anyone else. I too was a sinner, now, praise God I’m a sinner saved by Grace! Thank God for that privilege of witnessing to others about that wonderful life that only Jesus can give.

So far on my tests, I have missed four on one, one on the another, and two perfect papers. I learned more from those errors that I did in the right ones. Every time I’d get self sufficient, the Lord would take me down a notch and down to my knees. But it is an honor to kneel before a gracious Lord and have Him forgive one! When I arise, I feel as if someone has promised me everything this world and plus, and what do you know, that’s how it is!

The true victory that I have in studying in contrast to that so-called studying I did in High School and even after I got into the Navy is amazing. I only regret that I’d not called upon the Lord before this! I never realized that Jesus could live within me, but he DOES! The Lord give me every need I could want. Prayer time, Bible study time! I think I’ve read more, I guess because I felt such a dire need of it than I ever did when I was in TAF taking my vacation! (That was what the Lord was giving me there….a vacation!)

I have a good quiet places to study every night. I’m not bragging so please don’t misunderstand me, I’m rejoicing! I don’t want to feel as if I’m bragging because I do way to much complaining to brad. Surely Christ is ever living.

I haven’t heard amy thing about the Bond deal. It is evident thought that the Navy is still re-establishing it’s resources and in the rearranging had to cease that point for a while. Just take the notice as it is, I guess.

You are right in a great many ways about my always wanting to change everyone’s religion into my own. I catch myself at it continually and it is definitely not a good idea. I try not to argue ever though because in that you either aggravate the individual or if he wins your case is lost. It seems that you follow the National Sunday School lesson form right along. I have the small hand book that contains all that and is it ever a honey!

I didn’t mean to throw any condemnation upon the Seventh Day Adventist group. They are duping many people and think they are really pulling a fast one by the Voice of Prophecy. I’m not to judge, and because there are so many good Christian’s in a cult like that is it is the Tare and the Wheat parable all over again. Like one YFC speaker said, “I can’t judge but the Bible tells me to observe by their Fruits.”
“Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing , that ye may abound in hope, in the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

In Him, Stephen

March 4, 1947

Tuesday evening 4 March 1947

Dear Mom,

“And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer believing, ye shall receive.” Matthew 21:22

If I were only a worthy person of prayer, having a greater faith that our heavenly father could do all things how much more happier would I be. But in spite of my innumerable frailities, God does bless and I surely thank Him for it in my unworthy ways. I should take to heart more of what Christ said in Matthew 19:26 – “And Jesus looking upon them said to them – with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible.”

Nevertheless, here I am sitting through my second day in CTO school with my mouth wide open, never realizing things could come out so quickly. It is quite an abrupt change to me who thought he was working so hard but never really knew what hard work was. I really had it soft! Personally, I like being a student! Believe it or not, it’s nearly easier than being an instructor.

Things have been coming awfully fast in these last two days. We’ve had history of this and history of that, clouds and radios..OH! I could go on for days! Our instructor sure does! It seems my brain is very dull to really soaking in things; it never was too hot but I did notice today was a lot easier than yesterday. I truly praise the Lord even though some of the things are quite beyond me and I feel that I have reached my saturation point when I sincerely recognize the fact how weak I really am, I find real comfort in the Savior’s eyes. Today after school was over I went over to my old teaching room, got out my old guitar and went over few wonderful Rodeheaver hymns. My but the Lord just spoke right to me and even though I was rather disappointed in my ability the Lord gave me a real promise and my spirit leaped from the shadowy bounds.

You might be wondering how the CTO deal came about so quickly. I wonder too but I will give you a fairly good account of it. Remember I put in my first request just after I applied for NACP and the fellow that I had talked about it with went first. After he finished I was supposed to start but that was about Christmas time and the division didn’t want to begin any new men until after the first of the year. At the first of the year we got our first scare of instructors being shipped out, and that slowed down the issue quite a bit. I let it ride because I had other things to do. About that time we got a few extra instructors on hand and so I asked casually if I might start school now that we were ahead a bit. A try went forth but dropped short because they weren’t sending anymore temporary duty men through. The man I spoke with said to put a special request that I be sent to school and they would put it into the main office pre-requesting that upon graduation I would be sent back to TAF to Math as the only reason I was going was to get a rate so I could stay in the department. I put the slip in Monday, the same day I began Seaman school, hardly even expecting any results from it for weeks, having known I though, the general routine of the Navy. When I brought up the idea of the Lord sending me to Seaman school, and then to CTO, thinking I still am as far as NACP is concerned but late Thursday evening I found out that I was going to check out of ships company and back into student’s division so that I could attend CTO school.

As I told dad this was about the most unusual birthday I have ever spent but it was the one that I surely was happy about. Friday it rained all day, and the other two boys that I checked in with weren’t like me one bit (gave me two more boys to pray for though) I never noticed a thing for pure bliss and joy in my own heart. I didn’t receive the idea that I had only a 50-50 chance of getting back into TAF, when I was talking to our school officer who had gotten me in so well. But I do know that I’m in the most capable hands of humanity – the Lord’s!!

Whether I come out high man I can’t say. From the looks of things and the course, I’d say lowest man. The Lord would have me set my goal there high and keep it to myself and I know that if I fully yield myself to Him we can do all things to glorify Christ. Along I am nothing but in Him I can do all things.

I surely had a wonderful birthday. I think every time I turned around the Lord blessed me. There wasn’t an empty spot anywhere. I got the cake (what a delicious morsel that was) Friday evening. It came through in one piece and tasted like you had just cooked it. We had it Saturday night at the home plus a bit of sampling the night before. All day long I was with these two boys – one is about 29 or 30 so I can’t say he was a kid, and the other was about the same age as I was.

I surely flowed over at getting your card and I got the card from the school tonight (yours). I surely do thank you all because it surely made my birthday wonderful.
I am contemplating staying on the base for the six weeks that I will be in school for a study and drawing nearer to the Lord as motive and aim. I’m praying about it as I don’t want to leave those at the home without any support after what they have done for me. Most likely I will for YFC Rally , get my washing done, go to church Sunday morning and come back out. I hate to leave all that wonderful fellowship but I have depended upon it too much and should get into some study on my own. I think I will abandon choir but leaving my heart open so that the Lord can speak to me and make me feel out of place if it is His will in any other place on Sunday morning.

I have oodles of notes to copy out. This typewriter is really efficient in that respect and is a lot easier on the eyes too! Oh Yes…The Lord answered more prayer. Ed Bundy was contacted out in California and was broken before the Lord. He has stopped ministry, starting a new, and wrote me just last week for forgiveness. Who says our Lord isn’t wonderful?!

Write when you can. I’ll try to make my next letter a little more CTO’ish.
May the Lord bless thee and keep thee in His abundant love.

In Him
Love, your son,

March 2, 1947

2 March 1947 Sunday Evening

Dear Dad,

“O Jehovah, thou has searched me and known me:
thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising:
Thou understandest my thought afar off.
Thou searchest out my path and lying down,
And art acquainted with all my ways.
For there is not a word in my tongue,
But lo, O Jehovah, thou knowest all together.
Thou hast beset me behind and before,
And laid they hand upon me.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me.
It is high, I cannot attain unto it. “ Psalm 139:1-6

Isn’t it marvelous Dad, that no matter what we say or do that God has a plan of that- knows our steps before we even place our feet down on the sod. He knows exactly what we are going to say and wants us so badly to let it glorify Him even when we may be undergoing severe trials and temptations.

Even my best friend on earth doesn’t know me like God does! God knows me from my greatest virtue to my weakest faults and tripping point and as a result He continually places me before the utmost that I might be happy in His love. Yes, as that new song we sing at Youth for Christ goes “I’d rather have Jesus” and Praise the Lord for He did come on this old world to save me and give me real happiness to have the whole time of my life.

I know the Lord has had his hand in every pie and every birthday that I have ever had but this last one where I felt His presence and longed for it so was even more so! Everything seemed to happen on my birthday! First I was ‘warned’ late Thursday night that I was going to CTO school, a consistent prayer that I had offered and that I knew God would answer. He did in a marvelous way. I’m a student now only I expect to go back to TAF after school and make my rate so my address I left as before so as not to confuse. There is about a fifty – fifty chance that I will not go back to TAF, in other words, get shipped out. But whatever it may come out, I’ll be assured that it’s the Lord’s will! Wherever I go it’s where He wants work to be done.
I spent all day Friday moving and late into the evening Friday night getting all squared away. I have more gear to pack than ever now and in case I would ever have to leave here you would get about a car load of gear from me quick like! Friday I got my birthday cake too! I could only sample it as I still have to go easy on the sweets but by that I could enjoy more what the others were as I watch them sink their teeth into that marvelous hunk of cake. You should get mom to cook more of those! You’re missing something! Well, Friday was the most unusual birthday I’ve had yet. Walking along like an old man with a bag tottin’ on his back but it was one I wouldn’t exchange. The remembrance I got from home made it the best blessing and I really want to thank you for your card and your thoughts. It seems strange being as old as 19, and such a child in the things that count. I can boldly say, Praise the Lord, for He is good to a two – bit buy like me.

I received the money mom sent just in time to get the typewriter deal swung around at the same time, in fact, this is the typewriter now! It’s not as nifty as a Royal would be but after I get used to the gismo I’m sure I’m going to like it.
Time is past now and I want to be sure to get the idea of going to school in my mind and that is with the Lord. This school is one of the hardest of aviation schools and I can’t do this immense job of studying by myself at all. So I’ll make your pain short by making this letter short. Pray for me Dad, that I might success and do His will.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in all that you do and say always,

Your son,

February 25, 1947

February 25, 1947 – Tuesday afternoon

Dear Mom,

“Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness and long suffering. Colossians 3:12
Grace and peace in Jesus!

I really was strode (sp?) upon as I read your letter and I thank God for your remembrance: I too, as you were influenced and evidently committed yourself some, think you should “unwind” more and not remain silent in things. I enjoyed the ‘bubble over’ and was definitely inspired.

As I’m finally caught up to a point where I can read some, I was perusing, before I wr0te Miss McKelry, through the Christian Life and Times – January – and came upon the poem last night –

I do not know, I cannot see,
What God’s kind hands prepares for me,
Nor can my glance pierce through the haze
Which covers all my future’s ways
But yet I know that o’er it all
Rules He who notes the sparrow’s fall.

There’s more to it but that struck home the most. Especially back to our conversed topic, “God’s will.”

Last night I was pressed for time, I’d been busy and gone to chow late to avoid the line. When I got there, there was a line and the line was out of one item of chow and waiting. My mind runs to James 1:2-4 – “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations, knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience, but let patience have her perfect work that ye may be perfect and entire wanting nothing.”

I was peeved but I got out my testament and found victory over it and God blessed me there with something I couldn’t have gotten any other way. It’s hard to see why that’s the Lords will! Christians don’t have accidents or luck of any kind, do they? Isaiah 58:11 – and the Lord will guide you continually and Psalm 139 says God knows our words before they are ever spoken. Yielded to Him we have an unfailing guidance, don’t we?

Now, let’s go back to when I ran out of gas? I’ll admit I wasn’t looking up or I’d have remembered but that night while procuring that gas did you meet anyone you might not have otherwise? Did you understand anyone better? I’ll take it from my side but once home we started talking and crossed tempers and discussed your back and pain. I understood you better and knew better how to pray for you and I hope you did the same for me. I came to realize how God places pain upon and chastises those He loves!
Like Revelation 3:19 says. It meant something to me when Dr. French told us the story of an old lady who lay in pain on a hospital bed year after year, occasionally leaving but having to return again. When questioned in sympathy she said “I prefer the pain and bed because I’m closer to God that way!” Something she couldn’t help but was God’s will because there she was a better child. It is strange how God does act but it’s a blessings in the end if we really look.

It’s hard for me to do any concluding about Edna’s situation. I fell plan should precede order even though we all get careless at times. I was talking to Joe about it and he brought up the idea that everyone can’t go out and minister – just like the ‘Christian Card’ you sent me. Some are chosen by God to do the humble – so called – dirty work – like Mary and Martha’s entertaining Jesus. I’m not to say but the reward in Heaven will attend to that. It does seem Aunt Grace does the work but she should some ways glory in Edna’s success for the Lord because she helped bring it about. For ye have need of patience that after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. (Heb. 10:36)

No matter how we stumble I sincerely believe God has placed it there to draw me nearer to Him and in spite of how we have looked up to Him, He will abundantly bless it. I do pray Mother that you will be guided to see God’s way and things that go on about you be taken calmly and with searching mind as to Scriptural foundation. I hope you’ll make intercession for me because I am so very weak and God-swerving. I don’t stand and proclaim my assumption as the ‘only’ but it is the way I feel God has enacted in my life.

I strive daily, very weakly though, to stand on Scriptures which give me instruction in all sufficiency – because whereas I read in those black – bound pages, God has inspired men to write those words to men regardless of the individual.
I can surely see how Satan can work against getting down to school work! I see it in my own strife. How much I’d rather study Bible when I must suffice and put up with school and teaching and helping this or that student and preparing charts to help. Last night I read L’Tournea’s advice in February’s CLYT. He himself is an all out Christian and yet he runs a technical sciences college. Everybody can’t be missionaries or ministers in full time service and even if hindered by a material world as we often feel, God is just preparing us for further work but depending upon our daily testimony among workers of the world. It was surely a lesson to me. Where I am is His will, and I’m through turning down opportunities to glorify Christ!
Point it out to her. As far as school goes, we must try and we must have faith that God is able in all things but we surely can’t try Him. My own life, typically young, follows Edna’s in the same way , a lot of ways, yet I cannot say yea nor noth, because I ponder on them too. Where God has willed and prayers has been dedicated, which might all act in a few seconds, is good, but I’ve rushed into too many things and seen distasteful results. What do you think?

It is surely strange – here I’ve been a Seaman first for nearly a year and bingo! What? I’m going to Seaman school! To earn my Seaman first, or lose it! An hour a day isn’t bad and I do enjoy it. I finally saw improvement toward my possibility of going to CTO – perhaps next Monday or two weeks from Monday I start, or maybe not at all. Seaman school is preparing me for school (CTO) and CTO, preparing me for college. See! Planning and not even sure but it does seem evident and I’m praying for His will. It’s wonderful to stand on promises!! His promise to guide. I just hope I’ll always glorify Him!

Have you seen any Royal portables yet? I haven’t seen any so I’ve lined up a Remington for $60. It appears that I am always asking for loans but could you send it without any special trouble please by Saturday, or at least till by Monday cause the fella’s holding it for me, and the sooner the better, for it is a good deal all around.

It’s in good shape and when and if I get a Royal, typewriters are so hard to get, I can sell it very easily and take the Royal. If you have spotted a Royal at home though and can send it reasonably do so and I’ll gradually repay you. I might as well use one while I’m waiting? Right? The Lord willing I can’t lose, and I’m praying for his will.

I’m plumb out of vitamin pills and don’t remember the name of the round ones. How’s about some more and the same kind you sent before and Calamine Lotion too! I would wait until I’m out. Some organizer.

I’ve got to get this in the mail specially because of the typewriter money – forgive me please – don’t forget Pop Rowes and Dick Wrights address.

May God shine His Son’s grace upon you and guide you,

In Him, Your son,

Hi Dad!