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April 20, 1947

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March 30, 1947

Sunday afternoon
30 March 1947
Dear Mom,

“And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another comforter, that He may be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, for it beholdeth him not, neither knoweth Him, ye know Him, for He abideth with you, and shall be in you.” John 14:16-17

How precious that reality of Christ’s willingness to die for my sins. That daily help book that the Lutheran’s put out – the one I usually get up at the base Chapel, the devotion book I should say – has been carrying through the book of John these past few months. I don’t recall if I sent you one or not. The one before was on the book of Acts. The writers of those books are certainly endowed with the spirit, just as is Dr. Meyers of the Lutheran Hour.

I was talking to Chaplain Menges this morning and he was telling me that a lot Navy Chaplains were being shipped out as a sort of surplus or something and at any rate Chaplain Andrews was being sent over to the Pacific again. Chaplain Stevenson was about to resign (I didn’t know you could resign from the Navy) because they are talking about sending him out too! If they all go Chaplain Albert is going to have to do all the preaching down at the Chapel which will sure keep him busy! The services at the hospital where Chaplain Menges is are quite small – from 10 to fifteen attend but It sure shows a lot of ear tickling up! Menges is not a tickler – he’s a good preacher and out for souls all the day long. All the top officers go down to Albert’s service. Maybe quick judgment – I’ll say estimate, sounds softer – but where there is quantity isn’t always quality, especially where God’s true religion is concerned.

I do feel that I got too much on my judgment – I hope though that it doesn’t go as far as condemning – but I do believe God wants us to form opinions to help Him especially when He reveals better ways of growing in Christian Grace. I guess maybe I should keep these ponderings in my noggin, but I get so many thoughts up there that sometimes I think it gets over loaded. I don’t know how I got way off on this tangent anyhow.

School has been wonderfully blessed to me – I slipped up again as it was pretty difficult. I’m still praying that this is a prep to NACP, because it is sure a grueler. After the first I’ll have 15 more days to know for sure! This old stuff about one step ahead of the Lord isn’t good at all and that’s one of my worst habits. We are getting a course that on the outside world would big tests which I will be boning for over the next few weeks and the Lord willing I’ll conquer flesh again and make 100% on them – I have to in order to graduate with of fair 90% average.

My attitude in class is going to be angelic. How I thank the Lord for that great Comforter and the Lord Jesus. I really have drawn close because of Human frailties. I had to and as usual it sure had paid, not in grades alone, but most important of gaining a deeper friendship with a Loving Savior. I ran into one of Moody’s quotes that other day that made me stop to think – A man too busy to pray and read God’s word is busier than God wants him to be. Ouch!

I found out through the grape vine last week that chances are I won’t be going back to Math! I’m not sure about TAF but I have a good idea that one of these days two very large boxes of gear are to be shipped homeward. I have accumulated two lockers full – 6 feet by 3 feet – back in the household again. Don’t shudder mom!!

I am guessing it is about time that I moved other places! I have been here some time, people must be getting tired of looking at me! It is rumored that billets might come through for some of the classes now for GCA school in Olaytha, Kansas. GCA is a highly radar technical Airplane controller device to take planes out of impossible conditions when planes otherwise would crack up or be grounded for flights. Otherwise I’ll be praying for a nearby place to home – airfield in Denver or California where I can be with my Auntie! The Lord will reveal it. I know it will b a blessing wherever – even Goo-Goo Moo Goo over in the Posy Sea! Maybe I would be the only one on the island and have to control one plane a year.

I had a wonderful letter from Al Watenpaugh and Praise the Lord but if some other ‘nut’ has I fear my friends have it doped out, has taken the Lord Jesus Christ as the only way through this life and the next. I remember how hesitantly I wrote afraid I’d just gain another pitier and imagine the rejoicing when I found he too! I also heard from George Gligorea. Floored me the first time. He is in a good place called Tillamook, Oregon with exceptionally good duty.

The afternoon has wings, so I’d best drip (it’s raining – trip) on.

May His love suffice and lead you in His oceans of peace,

Love in him,

March 30, 1947 - Dear Dad

Sunday afternoon
30 March 1947

Dear Dad,
Today the earth itself is a great open Bible to me – an eminent proof of God’s love for man to give him such a glorious place to live in. Of course it is raining outside and I’m sitting within watching the rain come tumbling down and I can talk. But, oh! How much grumbling I do when things don’t go my way and the Lord has such a hard time teaching me all the important lessons.

I surely got a big surprise today – has to do with my old weakness – chow! But when I was over to the chapel at the Hospital today, I decided everything would click better if I had dinner over there cause NATTC’s chow halls don’t open until later – Right in the middle of Radio Church Hour. I’d never eaten over there before and didn’t know the score. I walked in a well decorated chow hall, air conditioning and all! There were real slick tables, linoleum decks, and instead of mess cook swabies there were negro servers. Honestly I thought I had gotten into Officer’s Mess! Instead of heaping it all in the middle of the tray we had white plates and muffins (unheard of in NATTC.) All the food you could eat and not be a hog and side serving tables. I just marveled – stupefied and all, which is a condition not hard for me to get in! It is aggravating though even though I do thank the Lord for that which I get how even if a Hospital section is known to be about the most efficient operating Naval unit why in an ordinary Chow Hall instead of treating the men like one herd of beasts and tossing the chow at them it can’t be done as it was there. In other words a meal is enjoyed somewhat more if the surroundings are feasible.

Say, you sure would like the phase of school that I’m in now, knowing you. We are having Link Trainers and if you aren’t careful when you are under the hood with your eyes glued on about a dozen instruments and forget to look at one of them often enough – ZING! You are in a Spin! They are really some kind of airplane! And I really like flying them. The rest of school has eased into less work but I’m going to be plenty busy to battle my way through the finals especially the CAA (Civil Aeronautics Administration) tests for qualifications for my Tower Controller’s Certificate.

Speaking of chow, it’s about time or they will close on me - - tonight’s salad and cheese night – I think that cheese is a 100 years old but I sure do like it. Onions too!

Anyhow, write soon? If you find a chance I’d sure appreciate a little farm news.
May our mighty Lord keep you always safe and guide you each day.

Love in Christ,
Your son Stephen

March 16, 1947 - Dear Dad

Sunday Night
16 March, 1947
Dear Dad,

“Faithful is the saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief.” 1st Timothy 1:15

How well I remember that day, when after trying and being defeated in every good thing that I might try by the evil desires of my own heart, when the Lord Jesus smiled upon me and acknowledged Him!

Now, as I have started school, I’ve found that the Lord can give me every power that man can have. I’ve found a true peace and joy in this life. Life isn’t a spree , it is only a stopping place to determine where we will spend eternity.
But the most wonderful story of love that was ever shown was when Jesus left his mansions of Gold and Splendor on high to come down and live as a plain ordinary person, not only showing how to live but dying and suffering the most cruel murder there ever was, Crucified on the Cross. I’m glad there was a Jesus or I might still be wandering out there lost.

A lot of the fellows that I meet and talk with during the day either don’t believe in God at all, can’t see this idea of giving it all to Him, or think that they are hiding something from the eye that no man could hide from. This school is a proof that there is a God to me and that His guidance and the acknowledgment of Him is needed.

We have a lot of flying planes on airways where the pilot is flying in the fog and he cannot see any direction about Him. But in that air there is a beam which is sent out by radio. Someone has to be at the end of that beam to assure that it goes out correctly. Say that we have a pilot and he decides to take his own route when he can’t see stars or two feet ahead of him. He may think he sees a lot of glimmering things from which he can flit to and from and get bearing or a mark off of, but each time that glimmer fades quickly if not immediately away and the further he gets from the beam, the most definitely lost he is. Soon he runs out of fuel and crashes into unknown ground and is gone.

God is the beam of our lives. His direction is the best for our lives. In our life we see a lot of things out in the world that look pretty good. Many of us go out and leave the beam, find the thing is not cracked up to what it’s out to be, see that the beam is quite a ways behind us, and instead of returning let excuse and desire turn us from what we know is right. God is merciful and sends His beam out after us though and tries to help us in. That ever loving God will try until we vex Him and he miserably casts us into the Lake of Fire to torment for eternity.

What have we to lose? We have all to gain! Maybe you get tired of hearing me tell the same old thing over and over again, but I’m happy, Dad, because even though I was once a stray sheep, Jesus the good Shepherd stepped out and saved me, no matter what a mess I was. It is truly wonderful.

How has everything on the ranch been going along? I hear the snow has been quite deep. Has all the skunk perfume gone away yet? Boy, What a deal! There is a chance that I might get home in April, providing the Lord doesn’t want me shipped back to TAF to teach. Have you seen Jason much?

This school that I’m in is really a humdinger. They don’t have a tower at Sheridan but maybe you have seen a few here and there. At any rate, your little son, will soon be, Lord willing, telling planes how to come in and land and take off. The school is a still one as I’ve told Mom, but the Lord has given me wonderful senses and the studying I can do now is nothing like that old stuff I used to horse around with in high school. I really have a zeal and even though I’m a pretty dumb kid the Lord can do wonders if I only yield completely to Him.

Well, it is just about Tap Time, and I have a shower to jump in and then chalk up some ‘Sack Time’ so as I’ll be a fit student of the Lord tomorrow. Write?

May the Lord bless you and guide you each day.
Love in Him,
Your son, Stephen