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18 February 1947

18 February 1947
Tuesday morning

Dear Mom,
“Now, God is able to make all grace abound toward you. That ye, always having all sufficiency in all things may abound in every good work.” 2 Cor. 9:8

Under the Navigators’ memorization outline that is the Resource of Grace to the Christian. It was my 66th verse on memory and I began to go over it last night. I don’t know why I was in such a dejected mood; I think it was mainly because I’d let old Satan get one jump ahead of me most of the day and I felt as if I had rejected the Lord’s calling too many times. I had a good opportunity to witness to some boys I had painting in my room and I get off on a tangent and left Jesus out. Nevertheless, I came over to the Chapel to write my daily letter and study, a kind of ‘sad sack!’ About half way over I remembered I had forgotten my new habit just acquired last week! Usually when I walk along I’m busy thinking and day dreaming. Most of the thoughts and dreams aren’t even tributes to the Lord if fact, they are more of a stumbling block than anything else! The Lord has spoken and shown me concerning it more than once and so I asked myself, if I was going to literally talk to myself as I walked along, I might as well walk along doing something to further His Kingdom! So, this past week and the future ones as I walk about the base wherever I go, I pull out my verses which are on handy little pocket sized cards in a convenient folder, and start babbling away on them! I may present a startling sight to some----Peculiar? Titus 2:14 I began 2 Cor: 9:8 in that overcast mood and it spoke right to my heart that there was no sense in this mood of dejection and that was what Satan wanted himself. God is able it said to make all grace abound in me and I may do all His works with a victorious effort! It sure pepped me up and I did finish a letter to the Baptist young folks at home and write a thank you card to Uncle Charley Strandberg.

I felt good enough in spirit, but the ‘flesh was weak’ to write you last night. I got kind of a late start and would have had to stay up later than was good for me because although I never ran out of energy for the day, when night came around my eyes because to play tricks on me. Saturday night I only got around six hours of sleep and last Sunday night only five so I was kind of dopey when I got around to your letter. I folded up and went back to the barracks read about a Chapter in Acts and went to sleep no sooner than I laid my head down! I didn’t used to be able to sleep with the radio going but lately when I lay down I just think on how wonderful the Lord is and His peace and blessings coos me to sleep in no time!

These past two weeks have really been blessings of the Lord! Last week when they gave us fifteen hours of Trig, they also gave us another instructor but it still gave us all two much to do to have one section in each room so we put two sections in one room and it only takes two instructors each period instead of the usual four! At any rate the schedule worked out so that I had all afternoon off last week and this week by a minor shift I got all morning off! It is really something because the Lord has allowed me to get all my owed letters caught up on and even a few of the promised! Last week it was all letters but this week it is divided between letters and Bible Study. I just praise the Lord because I was so very far behind! It has been wonderful to start the day off and know that you will have a good lot of time!

At first I couldn’t find a place to study, and then I remembered the offices over here in the Chapel. It s quite a ways from our building and NATTC part of the base but up here there is quietness and good places to study and along with typewriters I could hardly ask for anything better! I study up here at night too. It looks prospective that I might soon get down to History and few other things along that line!

It surely was a filling experience to talk to you and Dad the other night. I marveled that it was so clear! I hope I spoke as distinctly as you did but to me it couldn’t have been better if you were right next door! I do hope that my call didn’t interrupt anyone’s plans whatsoever because I did want you to enjoy your birth day to the full extent. I was so tickled in hearing your voices I never remembered to ask you if you had had other plans. To me it was like my own birthday instead of yours! I want to thank you for the Valentine, I really felt I was somebody with all that went on last week!

I was wondering if you could do a big job for me? First, I’ll tell you that one sad night I was returning to the base with all my gear and while traveling on the bus as there were no seats empty I sat down on the deck by the door. One step a fellow hopped out of the bus and in so doing kicked quite accidentally all the gear off my lap onto the ground whizzing it right out of the door! I went out while the driver waited and I thought I picked up everything but I guess I missed my address book. That hurt when I realized the next morning I had lost it--it seemed like the world had lost its bottom. It so happened that in that book was all the birthdays that I had ever known and I don’t have them or alot of addressed anymore. So, I wish to really make a complete list and I imagine that most likely you are up on most of them, of all the birthdays of every body in our family. Could you send them to me? Especially Dad’s and Aunt Esther’s? Also I wish you might send me Dick Wright’s address(His dad’s street address if okay)as I promised I would write him about a year ago, and Pop Rowe’s street address to please? I want to get completely squared away on this letter situation completely and so it will not be a stumbling block in any way to my testimony for our Lord. Don’t break a leg in your rush, but I would surely appreciate these things fairly soon.? Please don’t forget Harpers address in Montana?

I’m glad the Lord blessed you so temporaly and spiritually on your birthday. I’m glad you got a book like the ‘Apostle’ because even though some folks say it isn’t what it should be, those that are sincere that I have asked really said it was a treasure. Tell me about it some? I’m relieved to hear that the pen reached you okay. I was going on time elements so much that I sent it Air Mail on the assurance of the post man, whereas I might have lost it as I couldn’t insure it in that type of mail. I should have realized that those things are in the Lord’s hands any how!

Do you know when the next Youth for Christ rally is? Did you hear any more about the revival the Baptists were having? Maybe the fervor for which Jesus and our Lord’s teaching and reviving is the same at home as they are in alot of places in this country of ours. People are blind to the true light and real life. Did you hear the speaker at any time? I can never praise the Lord enough for the revival s that we have been enjoying the fruits of out at the Glendale Church. I thank God there still are in this world those who would proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to all. I went again last Sunday night after Epworth League at Hendricks with the same group with two more additions and it was really another outpouring of the Spirit. Sinners, backsliders, and unvictorious Christians came forth and really gave their whole self to the Lord with a real spirit. Last Sunday night the testimonies were even freer and I do believe as Dr. French said that that is one revival that will never close down! I’m almost tempted to go out to that church regularly! The kids out there and grown ups too are really sincere about their walking for the Lord in true faith! The Lord provided the opportunity for me to speak at League last Sunday night. It was surely filling to get up there and tell what I knew about our wonderfull Saviour but it surely revealed to me in another way how little I knew! The counciler has asked me to go with Him to the Father and Son banquet which the Methodists are giving soon! I still haven’t had a good chance to know the “old preacher;” he doesn’t hang around the young folks much at all. The Lord has given countless opportunity to talk to the kids there though, and I pray some of it will bring fruit in glorigying Him. Annabell, that’s Gene’s girl (Gene’s about the most one the ball guy there) was saying the other night that she souldn’t imagine me not being a Christian! I’d never thought of it that way and tell the truth to think back it made me shudder and thank the Lord that much more for Jesus!

I had a strange experience this last week and it has made me think alot. One night I saw Joe Manuel on the high run and he told me that I had a letter in his barracks(6). He also said that it was from Washington D.C. and that it was in printed handwriting. Well, that sounded like Jackie’s writing and her locality, and I set back to wait as Joe said his Mail clerk had readdressed it to 7 and sent it back through the base mail. That was last week about Tuesday and it should only take about a day or two days at the most for a letter to get around to coming from one barracks to another. Maybe it was a letter that I wasn’t supposed to get. It usually takes Jackie quite a while to write and she was unusually quick this time:---if that was her; it might have been the Man in the Moon. Satan surely uses her to flash up desire in my heart. The Lord has had no definite calling to me about her and then yet, every time he (Satan) catches me weak he’ll start me thinking, ‘If she was only saved—I’d have a girl.’ Personally the Lord has given me definite instructions about girls. I see so many Christians especially High School, and it certainly is natural, worry about what girl or boy they are going to have for their own friend and it really is a stumbling block to the Lord and in their work for Him. I’ve had some very precious fellowship and Satan uses opportunity wherever he can by saying, ‘If!’ I thank the Lord I can throw him out any old time because I’m wasting His time by even allowing my thoughts to res there for a moment. The Lord will lead in that respect if it is His will at all! I do so pray that I can help plant seed of Salvation in those old girl friends of mine and meet them all in heaven when the Lord is rallying us all. Their souls are precious to me because I have known their hearts and minds and weaknesses.

How would you like some ‘B’ Rations Mom, to memorize? I have some on hand and from my own experience I’m sure that you would never regret spending ashort bit of time on them each day. I feel that they have surely enriched my life in living for our King and it doen’t take any set apart time. When I literally would be wasting time musing on temporal things than I get my verses out. When I ride on the bus, waiting for the bus, walking, or working with my hands, that’s when I do all the work! It makes you sure that you’ve accomplished something too! Not that you don’t accomplish anything, but that’s in my case. Some of this Navigator gear could give you the lift that it has me! I’ve got the whole book now on Christian helps and it surely has been a booster. Just give me the word.

How’s everything in school coming and how’s the ranch? Is it reall winter yet? Down here it is back to the usual ebb of sunshine and nippy climate but it is alot better than the extreme cold and then the wet atmosphere!

Heard anything thing about the hound and how he is doing?

Do you see Uncle David much---did I tell you that all that Voice of prophecy gear that he gets is strictly Seventh Day Adventist? Read some of it over. It kind of worries me, no fooling. I met a fellow here at the Home last Saturday night through Youth for Christ who was almost what I’d call born again! After going to YFC and several churches Sunday with us (He even ate beef, Norm said so he’s not ‘died in the wool.’) when talking to Joe, he wondered if he really was saved!

Well, I have to shift offices and get to other studyes. I’m using the Christian Scientist’s office and this is the day for him to come out to the base. It gives me the heeby geegies sometimes when all I see is Mary Baker Eddy plastered every where but it is about the best office! Jesus can overcome it all anyhow! Have you seen any Royal typewriter yet?

I’ve kind of rattled on here, I hope I’ve said something of value to you--- I had alot to say when I sat down! The Lord can bless it! Incidentally, the 15th was the first day when they were going to begin the notification of the acceptees for NACP—pray for the Lord’s will, mom.

May the love, faith, joy, victory, and patience and humility

Which is in Christ Jesus be in you and may His precious blood

bring true Christian happiness forever,

In Him, your son, Stephen (Steve)- (habit forming)

P.S. I thought my typing was getting better- now, I wonder?

Hi Dad!

Psalm 139

Monday, September 13, 2010

11 February 1947

11 February 1947
Tuesday morning
1000 Hrs.

Dearest Mother,
I make the supposition that now you’re just preparing to leave for school- the same old eight o’clock stampede?

Oh Mom! It is my prayer this morning that you have arisen in clearer light on the nearer road to our Lord Jesus. May angels in heaven rejoice, may our “Mom” up there rejoice because we two or her children see the wonderful light of Jesus, on this fortieth year of your life. Oh, I pray it might be a stepping stone in that life sanctified for Christ and that His choice of your burden, His direction of your paths in these coming years will be accepting truths and a privelege of bearing to your mind and life.

“And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patience of Christ.” 2 Thess. 3:5 “In all thy ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” Prov. 3:6

“ ‘Tis a wonderful Name, ‘Tis Jesus”- ‘Tis a wonderful Book of truth! Praise God! God is our Master! Praise God! Christ is King. I do make supplication for you that God will draw nearer. Truly Paul expresses, “And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.

I probably won’t be able to make this a long letter. I did want to write some so I would get back on my Monday night or Tuesday morning routine. The Lord has been so wonderfully kind this week and this birthday of yours has mean’t more to me as a son, this year, this moment, than ever before. I thank God I am regenerated (2 Cor. 5:17) but I thank God for a wonderful Christian mother who cared for me in Godly sincerity. Truly Christ can give joy and peace added upon, again and again.

I make supplication for your affliction and pray God will reveal to you it’s purpose. The more I study the Bible, the surer I am God ahs every moment and incidet planned to bring us closer to Him. I still write Bob Davis often, he’s a Christian, not as devout as Christ would want mainly because of world separation but his experiences have been a blessing to me. A year ago, his brother died, shortly after his mother had a heart attack and it paralyzed her whole body, in speech too, and even though she gets stronger she’s absolutely helpless. Last month his father died. I just pray that through a closer friendship we can both become more devout disciples of our King. I just finished another chapter of “In His presence,” and it was about our acceptation and complainings of trials when all was to make us purer vessels of Jesus’ “glad tidings.” Oh Mom! No matter what happens to us or about us in our life, let us strive for His Glory and bless the Lord with our souls for that trial.

The Lord has blessed me with such a miraculous outpouring of His Holy Spirit this weekend and last night! I guard against and watch for emotionalism but I’ve seen now the distinct difference. Did you ever see a revival begin without a sermon but by a few songs of willingness and praise, some humble testimonies and people by that fling themselves upon the altar and cry real tears for Christ. I really came to meet a man of God this week. He’s leading (in the Spirit’s guidance) this revival. He’s a Dr. French, who began the missionary movement in France. He’s a wonderful witness for Christ.

It’s so difficult to see why we can’t crucify flesh, but praise God, He planned this weekend and last night (I went to Glendale Community Church and didn’t get to write then as I’d intended!) so that I might have real victory and personal, sincere friendship with my Savior. Oh mother! Pray for me- half isn’t satisfying- it has to be “all to Jesus, I surrender- I surrender all!”

“And now I commend you to God, and to the word of His Grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you the inheritance among all them that are sanctified.” Acts 20:32

“Happy Birthday,” Mom! And may the coming years in His grace be through Jesus Christ our Lord. I’ll hear you over the wires tonight, the Lord willing.

May His peace and joy envelope you,
In His Service,
Your son, Stephen

7 February 1947

Friday morning
7 February 1947

Dear Mom,
“But let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath:”
James 1:19

Of anything, I’m slow to speak, and I doubt whether the Lord would admire my swiftness or commend my spirit for writing to you this week! My policy has been to wait for you letter and then write but it seems I never received your letter until last nite and as a result you probably won’t get this until Monday. One thing I do promise though and that is to revise again unto my Monday night habit of writing you, even if I don’t hear from you that evening. I realize your Saturdays are alot fuller than they used to be, but perhaps if you get my letter earlier in the week you may find time to write before Saturday. I always have alot to write about after my weekend. The blessings of the past week added to wonderful services and rallys and fellowship over the weekend.

I truly thank God for that first Youth for Christ Rally at Home. It’s an answer to prayer, but I wish I had been alot more faithful at it. Matthew 18:19 is our faith! You know Mom when any of us have prayer request about persons or other things, we should mention them to one another, because even though the Lord attends all sincere prayer, a united prayer sends up more force. Right? I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate YC but I realize too that duly important is the “follow up” of that yielded life. I truly wish more ministers would give it a real chance, not a “one rally judgement” and weigh it for its value to the Kingdom. I truly wish Chaplain Andrews would do that. He totally is Lutheran and appears to be separated from all other faiths. I pray a little closer, and with patience and tolerance alike, inspection will reveal the real Chaplain, and not a hasty opinion’s result.

We (Joe Manuel and I) had a good Bible Class with the Chaplain Wednesday night. He truly knows his word from a solid study and it appears to be for the Kingdom too. I let what I feel a man’s faults to be, condemn him, which I have no right to do that, but Paul says, let no man do that which would cause a brother to stumble, and many surely have fallen to Satan because of drink and smoking, dances and movies! I’ve talked to alot of fellows who excused their smoking through Chaplains on this Base! Well, it is an issue which God will square away ‘cause the Word doesn’t say “don’t drink, or smoke.” I do know it harms the body and wastes money. Why! The Army Air Corps advises their night fliers against smoking before flights because as few as two cigarettes impairs and slows down night vision for a number of hours.

I’m sorry about forgetting when your birthday was. I’m writing it down in my noggin and on paper too this year! Last year I made a guess! I do hope I didn’t embarrass you- I wanted it secure because I forgot at t what date I’d guessed. I’ve been so busy all week I haven’t had a chance to look around much, and besides I wanted to get something you could use. As a result tomorrow, Saturday, I’ve decided as “look day!” I hope you will pardon my tardiness- I keep hoping to do better next time but I’ve still alot to learn about punctuality- I was just searching into my thought chain- I hope you’re home Tuesday night or let me know where you will be?- near a phone?

I was thinking about dad’s pen t’other day. Ask a jeweler in town about it but best yet the pen’s guaranteed and nothing accidentally has happened to it so just send it in. After all, it can be used then, not laying idle if repaired by the Company.

Did I tell you Mrs. Kibben told me Jim was going to marry Alice Huber- I mean’t to but I guess it slipped away! At least I could have eased the surprise or did someone else inform you prior to the date?

Thanks for Carol’s and Ellen’s letters- what is their address in case I should want to, or better yet find opportunity to write them? They seem to be quite the kids! I might want to greet Mr. + Mrs. Sometime too?

I asked Norm about the world’s time or age and he had studied that the first evidences of man were either four or six thousand years ago and that earth origin is not stated set. He felt Dr. Talbot was speaking in reference to man’s first appearing. Did it seem that way to you? Incidentally, Chaplain Andrew’s heard Talbot once, “very unscriptural.”

Tomorrow, I think I’ll go out and look for a reasonable priced portable typewriter- Royal if possible. I’m discovering I can really use it to an advantage not only on letters but also school work here. It will be a good investment especially if I get NACP and even if I don’t. I could use one of the building’s some but when I really need it, so does someone else! We’re starting to teach Trig Monday and our course is ten weeks, eight hours aday. It seems (?) we’re going to stay here and me stay Seaman first, but I really don’t care! What do you think about a “typerite?”

Hi Dad!

I have class in a few minutes but I do pray that, our gracious Lord Jesus, and our heirship to the Trinity (Romans 8: 16, 18) will bless you throughout the week and guide you always.

In Him,
your son Stephen

P.S. “Happy Birthday!”- through Christ.