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March 30, 1947

Sunday afternoon
30 March 1947
Dear Mom,

“And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another comforter, that He may be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, for it beholdeth him not, neither knoweth Him, ye know Him, for He abideth with you, and shall be in you.” John 14:16-17

How precious that reality of Christ’s willingness to die for my sins. That daily help book that the Lutheran’s put out – the one I usually get up at the base Chapel, the devotion book I should say – has been carrying through the book of John these past few months. I don’t recall if I sent you one or not. The one before was on the book of Acts. The writers of those books are certainly endowed with the spirit, just as is Dr. Meyers of the Lutheran Hour.

I was talking to Chaplain Menges this morning and he was telling me that a lot Navy Chaplains were being shipped out as a sort of surplus or something and at any rate Chaplain Andrews was being sent over to the Pacific again. Chaplain Stevenson was about to resign (I didn’t know you could resign from the Navy) because they are talking about sending him out too! If they all go Chaplain Albert is going to have to do all the preaching down at the Chapel which will sure keep him busy! The services at the hospital where Chaplain Menges is are quite small – from 10 to fifteen attend but It sure shows a lot of ear tickling up! Menges is not a tickler – he’s a good preacher and out for souls all the day long. All the top officers go down to Albert’s service. Maybe quick judgment – I’ll say estimate, sounds softer – but where there is quantity isn’t always quality, especially where God’s true religion is concerned.

I do feel that I got too much on my judgment – I hope though that it doesn’t go as far as condemning – but I do believe God wants us to form opinions to help Him especially when He reveals better ways of growing in Christian Grace. I guess maybe I should keep these ponderings in my noggin, but I get so many thoughts up there that sometimes I think it gets over loaded. I don’t know how I got way off on this tangent anyhow.

School has been wonderfully blessed to me – I slipped up again as it was pretty difficult. I’m still praying that this is a prep to NACP, because it is sure a grueler. After the first I’ll have 15 more days to know for sure! This old stuff about one step ahead of the Lord isn’t good at all and that’s one of my worst habits. We are getting a course that on the outside world would big tests which I will be boning for over the next few weeks and the Lord willing I’ll conquer flesh again and make 100% on them – I have to in order to graduate with of fair 90% average.

My attitude in class is going to be angelic. How I thank the Lord for that great Comforter and the Lord Jesus. I really have drawn close because of Human frailties. I had to and as usual it sure had paid, not in grades alone, but most important of gaining a deeper friendship with a Loving Savior. I ran into one of Moody’s quotes that other day that made me stop to think – A man too busy to pray and read God’s word is busier than God wants him to be. Ouch!

I found out through the grape vine last week that chances are I won’t be going back to Math! I’m not sure about TAF but I have a good idea that one of these days two very large boxes of gear are to be shipped homeward. I have accumulated two lockers full – 6 feet by 3 feet – back in the household again. Don’t shudder mom!!

I am guessing it is about time that I moved other places! I have been here some time, people must be getting tired of looking at me! It is rumored that billets might come through for some of the classes now for GCA school in Olaytha, Kansas. GCA is a highly radar technical Airplane controller device to take planes out of impossible conditions when planes otherwise would crack up or be grounded for flights. Otherwise I’ll be praying for a nearby place to home – airfield in Denver or California where I can be with my Auntie! The Lord will reveal it. I know it will b a blessing wherever – even Goo-Goo Moo Goo over in the Posy Sea! Maybe I would be the only one on the island and have to control one plane a year.

I had a wonderful letter from Al Watenpaugh and Praise the Lord but if some other ‘nut’ has I fear my friends have it doped out, has taken the Lord Jesus Christ as the only way through this life and the next. I remember how hesitantly I wrote afraid I’d just gain another pitier and imagine the rejoicing when I found he too! I also heard from George Gligorea. Floored me the first time. He is in a good place called Tillamook, Oregon with exceptionally good duty.

The afternoon has wings, so I’d best drip (it’s raining – trip) on.

May His love suffice and lead you in His oceans of peace,

Love in him,

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